starting my last undergraduate year tomorrow.
speech & hearing science, specifically speech language pathology--my thing. 

in love love love this song.

wanting this outfit.

craving/seriously in need of some good thai food.

putting my room back together still after painting it.

loving school shopping with my sister and my cute new planner.

waiting patiently (trying my hardest) for november and all the promise it brings.

saying goodbye to our family from virginia is always super hard.
 i'm glad that my cousin will be back here in a couple weeks to start at byu-i though.

seriously panicking about the GRE.

daydreaming about going to london one day. 

excited to see my classmates again.

experiencing "growing pains" in my life.

challenges help us get back up stronger. just like wise old alfred once said


  1. good luck at school! :D
    and seriously, isn't that talk the best? i reread over parts of it yesterday! love it so much!

  2. You've got this year!! Can't wait to see what you do in your senior year. :)


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