written on friday morning, but posted tonight. oops.

it got all domestic up in here last night. hope had girl's camp this week and my parents went up to the camp yesterday afternoon for testimony meeting. meaning thomas and i were going to be alone for the evening, so i decided to made the best steaks with a delicious marinade, parmesean crusted vegetables, and sauteed mushrooms. the best part about it? it literally took 15 minutes to make all of that goodness, aside from letting the steaks sit in the marinade for 45 minutes. thomas and i were in heaven, as you can see. we watched a movie and let the food settle, then carly and i made a stop at joann's last night to get fabric to make fleece blankets for fhe on monday. it's always fun to go out with carly and laugh about how inept we can be...in general...sometimes. oops. then i came home and took thomas and wilson on a drive to get shakes and i decided that after driving behind a truck with bales of hay for two miles, my car looked like it had been tarred and feathered...hay and mud style. so we stopped at the first car wash we saw  (yes, i KNOW it's supposed to rain this weekend. just my luck.) and it was a really fancy kind where an attendant washes your car off and then your car moves along this track. well, of course, i roll down my window to hand the cute attendant my ticket and "hedwig's theme" started blasting in the background. really, ipod, really? you couldn't shuffle to anything else in this moment? thomas and i were laughing hysterically, wilson started howling and the attendant looked at us like we were crazy. so, you know, that was fun. when we got home, i called my grandma and talked to her for a while, then we played just dance 3 for over an hour. let me just say, don't film yourself while playing this game. thomas filmed us on his camera and we looked terrifying. by that point, it was close to midnight. mom came home around 12:30, dad needed to stay the night to help them come home tomorrow, and then we heard about camp and testimony meeting until about 2.

good food, staying up late talking, dancing, doing random things.
these are just a few of the things i love about summer. 

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  1. Awe! Sounds like the best day lady! Love and miss you soo much.


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