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{what made me happy this week}
-this music
-grandma's chocolate cupcakes on the fourth of july. sitting on her patio and smelling the honeysuckle in the breeze while watching fireworks from a distance.
-the amazing spider-man. three times this week? oh wait...what? what? ain't no thang.
-fishtailing hope's hair while watching harry potter and pretending that a parrot sounding owl (i wish you could hear hope's voice doing this voice) is in every scene of the movie. i was crying i was laughing so hard.
-rain. rain. rain.
-driving out to farmington to see the most beautiful sunsets and rolling down the windows to smell all of the fields after it rained.
-probably the most adorable thing i've ever seen. i cried.
-reading a lot
-listening to the scriptures at work
-personal study of elder nelson's talk and president uchtdorf's talk
-a letter from my dear friend who is out on a mission--sister ford. we talked in the temple last year when i had been called to be relief society president (before i had been sustained) and we found out we were in the same ward. she taught in our relief society and she has had such an impact on so many people. she is such a sweet friend close to my heart and she has blessed my life in countless ways. i loved hearing from her and it was such a tender mercy and yet another testimony to me of Heavenly Father's love for me this week.
-cheap gas at smith's...seriously though. it was crazier than costco there the other night!
-a good picture for my new driver's license (good as far as a driver's license goes...my first one was a real doozy)
-new research project...very exciting stuff!

life is hectic and stressful and kind of really weird right now, but good. always something good in each day, right?

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  1. lucky you, rocking the drives license pic! i swear i will never take a good one.


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