the best lab partner you've ever had.

this had to be shared, it just had to be. so funny on so many levels to me.

i think i am in need of some kind of vacation. this has seemed like the longest two weeks ever, hasn't it? road trip to cali, anyone? if you are in severe pain, don't wait until you are trying to go to sleep to finally take something. take it about forty minutes before you want to go to sleep so it will maybe kick in. talk about a rough night. it's never pleasant to discover that the greek yogurt you brought with you to work expired five days ago. but luckily there's some yogurt in the vending machines a few floors down. also, strange encounter with abraham lincoln's doppleganger at work yesterday which involved him shaking a wall of my cubicle to get my attention. yikesies. i'm still laughing about it/never wanting it to happen again. in other news, i have a fun evening planned: dinner (more on that tomorrow, i'm sure), institute, and a long-awaited date with neal caffrey. really ideal, right? right.


Thanks for making my day!

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