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ever seen send me no flowers? it's one of those glittering doris day rock hudson extravaganzas that i love. it's basically a cute and funny old movie about a hypochondriac and his wife. and it's all i could think about while i was looking up things about autoimmune diseases and feeling like i too had ulcers starting to grow on my larynx and my throat was closing up, etc. so my lesson's learned...don't look up things about autoimmune diseases past midnight.

why was i doing this? tuesday night, i went to dinner with janae and allie (so fun!), institute, and came home around 9:30 and then i was up until somewhere around 4:30 or 5 AM yesterday to get that blasted annotated bibliography done. i was reading articles and making notes and citations and all that jazz like a crazy lady. then i woke up at 7 to get ready to head up to campus. to say i was really tired and achy is an understatement, however i'm really happy that i have been able to have the opportunity to work on projects with three of my professors this summer. it has been such a fun thing to get to know them and gain new skills that will help me later on. i'm excited to get to work even more with one of my professors even more this fall...he was happy with the annotated bibliography and he was really happy with it. guess that eighteen hours or more of working on it would do the trick, right?

when i came home yesterday, i had a nice lunch, watched a little tv, took a two and a half hour nap, did some gre prep, called my grandma while all of my fam was at mutual, took hope and nina to dairy queen to get some ice cream and then we drove around for a while with the windows down (last night was perfect--the sunset, the temperature, everything! love summer nights!!), took mom and thomas to pick up our new basketball hoop (our other one was damaged in this wind storm), and then laughing until i was crying over a few gems--exclamation points!!! (seinfeld NEVER gets old.) this somehow always happens to me when i'm home alone. why don't i ever see people like this when i go to the mall? and are you steve jobs?!--before going to sleep.

i think i had a really exceptional day yesterday in pretty much all aspects. aaaand, tonight, i'm taking h&t to see the dark knight rises in imax!! woooo, we are sooo excited!!


  1. Exceptional days are wonderful. :) I'm seeing the Dark Knight Rises tonight as well. SO excited.

  2. seinfeld is my favorite show, ever. hands down, no questions asked. haaaaaa the way lippman reads the exclamation points! killsssss me! ohmygosh. ryan gosling is unreal. really though, precisely why that matthew kid on sytycd is going to get a million votes every week (not that he isn't a wonderful dancer, becuase he is, but every girl in the nation is going to vote for that handsome ryan gosling looking face). crazy, stupid, love... worth seeing? i hear mixed reviews. ps saw the dark knight this morning ---- AMAZING. not to mention joseph gordon-levitt's handsomeness.

  3. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but as of this writing, I assume that you’ve already watched the Dark Knight Rises. So I think you would have to agree that Christopher Nolan absolutely did a great job on this film! The kind of abstraction and depth he presented in Inception was not left out in his new direction. Also, the cast deserves to be applauded because when I was watching the film, I didn’t see actors, I saw characters. And they seemed unbelievably real. Two thumbs up!


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