obsessions {currently}

tangerine chicken and sticky rice.

burnt almond fudge milkshakes.

gray walls.

the writer-ellie goulding.

our new basketball hoop. i haven't played on it much, only a little bit in the scorching heat today, but i already love it.

researching/reading articles. (not the most fun obsession, but currently an obsession nonetheless)

this book.

this dog. i die every time i see this picture. he's not as cute as my dog, but pretty close ;) 

this quote: “Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.” — Daisaku Ikeda

pedicures. happy feet = happy me.


half up hair.

my gold sparkly belt and my mint belt.

and of course, olympics. olympics. olympics. did anyone cry during the opening ceremonies? i teared up and had chills for the majority of it. i have been pretty emotional about this olympics for some reason. i love will & kate & harry soooo much. too much. before it started, my sibs and i wanted daniel craig to bring the queen in the stadium driving an aston martin. we were close enough to what actually happened though, huh!? funny funny. i am loving having at least one TV constantly on (even if it's on mute) in our house  with the games playing.

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  1. oh cathy, you are so neat. if i ever grow up, i will be like you.


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