mind blown.

it's 3:11 am. 

just got home.

my mind is completely. blown.

the credits start rolling accompanied by clapping, then an audible, tangible silence seizes the theater. 

and i find that i'm crying.

i'm still tearing up right now 
and i don't think my mind will be able to rest.

you must go see it.

an absolute must.

bravo, christopher nolan.


  1. agreed.
    so so so good.

  2. i feel like this is my reaction to titanic.
    i'm going tonight.
    this post has me excited.

  3. mind blown indeed. (yes i already commented on your other post but i couldn't resist commenting again on the actual batman post too.) i cried too. more than once. i feel bad for my future husband, my emotions always get the best of me. not only did i love batman, the story, and basically just everything -- but joseph gordon-levitt. killmenow. he was wonderful in 500 days but make him robin and i might have a mini heart attack. that guy is handsome, real handsome - suave even.

  4. awww, this movie was absolutely incredible!!!!!
    xo TJ

  5. loooooooooooved it! i can't wait to see it again. joseph gordon levitt was so so amazing.


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