meeting up

{i hope it's okay that i use this photo, kylee! thank you for remembering your camera!}

last night, i met up with kylee from a little girl in a big world 
at settebello's for some margherita pizza and gelato. 

we talked about boys, of course--those we like and those we don't like. 

we talked about our dislike of night classes and how excited we are to graduate next may.

we discussed her upcoming trip to india. 

we talked about being genuine.

we talked about music and concerts she had been to/ones we wanted to go to. 

we discussed the blogs we read and bloggers we would love to meet. 

and then when we were sitting outside eating our gelato, she said, "is this the first time you've met someone from blogland?" and i said, "yes." and we laughed about my mom warning me about stranger danger before i walked out the door. because to me, it felt like we'd been friends for forever. we had so much to talk about and we had so many of the same connections with people. it seriously still baffles my mind that we were both in lambda delta sigma and we both go to the same school, yet we'd never met until last night.

it was such a privilege for me to meet kylee. what an uplifting, positive person! she makes the best out of her life and she has such a great perspective on things. she is so kind and so fun to talk to, because she's real about things. we talked about how blogging brings together so many people and how we love how we can relate to each other and so many other bloggers out there. i sent her a text before institute last night, thanking her for such a fun night, and i teared up a little bit reading a line from her reply back, "thank goodness our blogs brought us together!" 
i feel so grateful for that too, kylee. thanks for such a fun first meet-up!!


  1. of course it's okay you used the photo! i loved this post, so so much. seriously. it's wonderful to be on this end of a blogger meet up. meaning, most of the others i have met up with never blogged about it. you did, and it makes it extra special to see it documented like that - to see that it mattered to you the way it did to me. i love that we talked about being genuine, becasue you are hands down the most genuine blogger (person in general) that i have met. okay, so i may be tearing up now because you are wonderful, this post was wonderful, and that meet up was wonderful.

  2. this is so awesome! isn't kylee the greatest ever? and i'm so excited to be new blog friends! you are darling!

  3. So cool! Blog friends are awesome.

  4. i love this! kylee is one of the greatest girls i know.


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