good lines from this weekend.

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"how old are you now, catherine?"
"i'm twenty one."
"oh that means you are in young women's!"
"no, i'm not in young women's anymore. but hope is."
"no! hope is in baby women and you are in young women."
"oh, okay. thank you for trying to make me feel younger."
"you're very welcome."

after half watching/half cleaning during the creepiest, weirdest animated movie i've seen in a while (hoodwinked), i say really loud while the kids are all glued to the tv: "what in the world is that thing?!" and then i received a look of total disgust that i didn't know what was going on.

"you have really pretty earrings. i love those on you."
"wow! you are such a gentleman, thank you!"
"yeah, that's just what i am. a gentleman."

"november is going to be a pretty great month. i think i'll have to be at your house a lot."
"november, december and january are always fun months. it's like holllladay, finals, haaalllaaaaday, holiiiiiday, huuuullllliday."

"it's not about the beginning, it's about where you end up."
"Does my life reflect the love and devotion I feel for the Savior?"

"it's always scary when catherine starts acting like a nerd." -mom
"well, actually, she's acting like a lovesick flamingo." -hope

"thomas, i better not have a grandson named bur-dur-dur-dur newman." (bur-dur-dur-dur is in a swedish chef accent)
"well, you just might. and then he can call you grandpapala."

while watching secondhand lions:
"i love michael caine in this movie, but i really like his british accent." -thomas
"uhhh, he actually is from england." -me
"he actually is a knight." -hope
"oh...i knew that." -thomas
"alfred, why are you here of all places on your day off?" -me as batman
"well, mastahh wayne, i am taking up being a fahmer with my brother." -me as alfred
"uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." -hope and thomas

"let's watch we bought some food!" (what thomas said instead of we bought a zoo...and then we started coming up with lines that would be in that movie. the following are some of those lines.)
"dad, i don't like corn pops. stop buying me corn pops!!" -the son
"we are explorers of grocery store greatness!"-matt damon
"daddy, yay!! i love brocoli!!!" -the daughter
"MAN, you HAVE GOT to get out of this store!!"-the uncle/brother

the three of us sat on the porch with my dad watching the summer thunderstorm and lightning tonight:
"this rain is AWESOME. and it's really warm!" -thomas
"do you want me to go get you a bar of soap so you can shower in it?" -dad
"no. but what would you pay me if i did that?" -thomas
"nothing." -me, dad, hope

on friday morning, i was woken up by a phone call from my dad telling me about the shooting in aurora, colorado. my heart felt absolutely broken and sick the entire day as i thought about how horrifying that must have been and it opened my eyes once again to what a scary world we are living in today. my thoughts and prayers are with those families who are suffering from that tragedy. today, i attended my home ward and in my mom's young women's lesson, the young women's president talked a little bit about that event pertaining to the lesson (about resisting sin and temptation) and she said, "i looked at my newborn son and i thought, 'what kind of world have i brought you into?' and then he looked at me in that instant and smiled really big. and i knew right then that THAT was the reason he is here. you can be a bright light in this increasingly darkening world. there will always be light in this world as long as we let it shine and spread." that was such a powerful remark and it really resonated with me. it's so true!

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