estos son los dias de la semana.

sometimes, i find myself singing this song i learned in seventh grade to memorize the days of the week over and over again. 
it's fine. 

domingo-wonderful farewell talk given by my neighbor and loved reading these words about pioneer day: "Each of us has a heritage—whether from pioneer forebears, later converts, or others who helped shape our lives. This heritage provides a foundation built of sacrifice and faith. Ours is the privilege and responsibility to build on such firm and stable footings." {from this article}

lunes-work until 1:30, research meeting at the voice clinic at 2:00-3:30...i was so blissful the entire time. afterward, i sent my dad this text, "if i could work with those kinds of people in that kind of environment for the rest of my life, i think i would be a very happy girl in my career for a very long time." i don't think that requires much more explanation. :) after coming home, i took hope to return things in layton, bought a cute shirt that somewhat replaces this one i ripped last year, and we stopped by sweet tooth fairy (a must). upon coming home, i talked with my mom and neighbor's on their porch for almost two hours. i took hope, thomas, and nina to wendy's, drove up the dirt road going up on our mountains and looked out over the valley while eating our late dinner. we saw fireworks shooting up from our elementary school, so we drove down and watched twenty minutes of firework after firework lighting up the sky. i absolutely loved this day.

martes-pioneer day! it's a holiday in utah where we celebrate the day the pioneers came into the salt lake valley. it was so good to have a holiday and to have dad home after he had to stay an extra day in seattle because delta overbooked his flight. today consisted of sleeping in (a little bit), cleaning, working on our new basketball standard, seeing the dark knight rises, with our parents this time (still having a hard time about the events in aurora and kept checking the doors every few minutes during the movie...some of the shooting in the movie made me tear up a little), and cooking and eating dinner together, all at the same time, on our deck for the first time in who knows how long.  i took hope on a drive around and loved talking to her about life while we hunted down "mirror, mirror" in every redbox within a five mile radius of our house. finally found it and then returned home to watch design star on hgtv. anyone else obsessed with that show? well, we are and it was the season finale, so that was fun.

miercoles-i decided i needed another day off of work and research and when you have the day off, it's okay to wake up early, then make up for it by eating oreos and milk for breakfast while watching the latest white collar. but then i decided i needed to be productive and took a practice GRE. woof, that is a LONG test. after finishing that, we ran errands with mom. i took a power nap when we came home and then i helped mom clean our cars. even though it's not my favorite thing to do, there's just something wonderful about having a clean car. i relaxed some more and then ran more errands with mom, resulting in grilled salmon tacos from cafe rio...deeeeelish!!! i watched "mirror, mirror" with hope and nina and it was weird/good/mostly weird. this song is now stuck in my head eternally.

jueves-back to work...luckily it went by quickly and i felt very productive today. coming home to find trying to cool down wilson after he went on a walk with hope and thomas in 102 degree weather. little black dogs should not be allowed to go outside during this heat wave, much less go on 1/2 mile walks. met up with grandma and grandpa for dinner. talking with neighbors. drove down to holly's to practice her hair. singing along with band of horses and the civil wars while driving. late night talks with mom.

viernes-i'll be on campus for four hours-ish, freezing in a lab...no doubt, and i'm looking forward to tonight, because the olympics are finally here!!! i can't wait to watch the opening ceremonies and see the world come together once again. london, i love you. and i will come visit you one day. i can't believe it was four years ago that i was sitting in a hotel room in boise, wondering if i was going to be moving before my senior year while watching michael phelps make history in beijing. 

sabado-i'm not sure what saturday will bring, but saturdays are always nice!! can you believe july is almost over??? i sure can't!! less than a month before school starts and i take the gre...eep!!

hope you all have had a wonderful week and you have exciting plans for this weekend!!

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  1. I LOVE the Sweet Tooth Fairy! That place is so indulgent it should be a sin.


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