Something that has been a huge tender mercy for me in the past year plus a few months has been my young single adult ward and specifically the friends I have made in this ward. Some of them have become such special and close friends to me. I think that friends you find in a spiritual setting or the friends that you share spiritual experiences with are somehow the stronger friendships you have in life. Before you start laughing due to the stigma these wards tend to have, this ward has blessed my life in so many unique and unexpected ways. Every Sunday, I have the wonderful privilege to exchange my spiritual rags for spiritual robes as the quote says.

After feeling really down and going through a weird couple of weeks and  feeling like I could talk and talk, but not have anyone once ask anything about you or seem to care about what you are feeling,  I was reminded once again that I am never alone. When I feel like I have no friends or no one to talk to, I know that the Savior is there to understand. He perfectly understands me, because He so willingly sacrificed His life for me and He so willingly performed the greatest act of love for all mankind. Once again, I realized that He is the one who recognizes my efforts and that is all that really matters. Yesterday, I saw that in a very real way when a sweet dear friend, Kylee, spoke about me in Relief Society. She related to everyone in a lesson about Visiting Teaching that through being her visiting teaching companion for about eight months when the ward was first organized and by also becoming her friend, I was able to help her realize what mattered most. I really don't write about this to say, "Look at me!! Look at me!!" but I write about it to be able to remember that it was a love note from Heavenly Father, something that testified to me that we never know what kind of difference we can be in someone's life and that our efforts NEVER EVER go unnoticed. It's something that I struggle with remembering and I know I sound so selfish, but The Lord knew I needed those uplifting and kind words yesterday and it strengthened my testimony for the millionth time that He loves me and knows exactly what I need. It was something that reminded me that I need to be more humble and more grateful, that I need to ask for forgiveness and apologize more, that I need to look for more opportunities to serve and love, that I need to try to do better each day to live more worthily so I can invite the Lord into my life daily.

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