the beauty in peace and calm.

i love love love summer thunderstorms. 
i was driving from work to pcmc through the avenues when it started to rain lightly and by the time i came out, it was a full blown downpour. i especially love driving through salt lake city in the rain. 

taking a break from the annotated bibliography...using photobooth, naturally.

i've been thinking a lot lately about the fruits of the spirit and how they relate to a lot of things in my life right now. i was talking to my mom last night about a particular thing and how it has never caused me to feel contentious or question anything. i just feel comfortable and at peace, unlike a lot of other experiences i have had where i feel like i need to constantly be on my toes or sarcastic or witty to "survive", if you will. while i was driving through the avenues on my way up to pcmc and it was lightly raining, i sat at a stop sign for longer than i should have (luckily no cars were around) and i let the droplets collect on my windshield before i let them be brushed away. softly in the background of my racing thoughts, i heard these words coming softly from my stereo, "Only you know how to hear me through the silence. You reach a part of me that no one else can see." and all of the things that have been on my mind slowed and became peaceful. i looked around and felt so grateful for such a beautiful day, for such beautiful thoughts. i have no idea if any of this is making sense, but my main point is that i love those quiet, calm moments when things do not seem to collide. life seems peaceful even for just an instant-- your thoughts seem to suddenly be in harmony and your worries seem to suddenly calm. i feel so grateful for those moments. i think it's those moments that put a little spring in your step and help you move forward with faith.

well, back to the grind of article databases. i had a fantastic surprise when i came home after a long day...our road is finally repaved after having it ripped up for nearly two months. i had a nice night of going to fhe, wearing my favorite hoodie and flip-flops, going to zupa's with carly, and listening to some great tunes. sorry, karen carpenter, but rainy days seem to never get me down.


  1. oh my. so many good songs on that playlist. rainy day music is the best!

  2. Loving the playlist! Definitely getting some of the music for my own iPod :)


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