what happened yesterday

+ When I saw this picture (I'm the second in from the right on the third row) posted on Facebook, I started to tear up a little bit. I miss sorority so much and seeing my friends once a week in such an uplifting, spiritual environment. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities it blessed me with and not only that, but the amazing friends I will forever have because I was a part of this sorority.

+ I was sitting in the hall at Primary Children's Medical Center yesterday watching parents and children walk around and thinking about an encounter I had with my friend's sweet future mother-in-law there (more on that tomorrow!!). I just felt so strongly that the Lord has and always will look out for me by blessing me with so many wonderful people in my life and many more who will come into my life. Then as I walked through the halls, I saw signs for cleft palate and dysphagia and I thought, "I could work here someday." It makes my heart sing that I have been directed and guided to find a field that I absolutely love and something I know I will still love twenty, thirty, forty years down the road.

+ One of the professors I'm doing research with during this summer asked me some questions she had about my faith. She is Catholic and she was wondering about a few different doctrinal things and the organization of our church. I asked her some things about what she believed and we talked for a good ten minutes about a lot of different things about our beliefs. She made the comment to me after I explained my beliefs, "Thank you for being patient with me and taking the time to explain that fully to me. I have asked some members of your faith these questions before and they get so agitated and exasperated that I don't just understand." It just goes to show you that you always need to be ready for those opportunities, not only that, but it's important to remember to be patient and understand when people ask you any questions, no matter what it is.

+ I helped clean up at Deseret Mills last night. Flour, flour, flour everywhere! But what a fun service project and I enjoyed being with my friends and making new friends.

+I am not lucky, I am so very blessed.

also, p.s., by the way, on a completely different note...
Why did Liam have to get engaged to Miley? We could have been so great together! Oh welllll. "Every happiness to you both!"


  1. What they're engaged? Bleh. That is such a disappointment. But! Way to be on the whole taking the time to talk to your professor! What a neat experience. Also, you get wonderful people in your life...YOU are "wonderful people."

  2. ahh i miss lambda delta sigma so much. last semester was not the same without it.


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