well you see, i have a lot of silly dreams.

in no particular order...

-Get a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology (Medical Emphasis, if possible)

 -Get married in the Salt Lake City Temple to a wonderful, honest, hardworking man, full of integrity. Always be worthy to attend the Temple.

-Grow closer to God each day

-Change someone's life.

-Save a life.

-Run in a RAGNAR or a half marathon.

-Speak Spanish fluently.

-Be an EFY Counselor

-Become a better seamstress and cook

-Own a home

-Buy a car without having to make payments on it

-Own an iPhone

-Own a tandem bike

-Something from Tiffany's....a sterling silver key, bow ring, or even a keychain, really.

-Go on a humanitarian trip...anywhere

-Go to London

-Go on the 17 Mile Drive (again) in a really niiiice car, preferably some kind of convertible.

-Go on a trip to somewhere in the Caribbean and swim in the Atlantic and Carribean.

-Being in Disneyland on my birthday and/or having a dinner reservation at The Blue Bayou.

-Go to New York City (on Valentine's Day?!). Mainly to bike through Central Park, have a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3, and see a Broadway show like The Lion King. I guess it would be cool to see all of the sights too... :)

-Ride a Vespa in Italy and eat authentic Italian gelato and pizza.

-Go on a hot air balloon ride

-Go parasailing.

-Go to a Coldplay concert.

-Go on a cruise.

-See the Northern Lights in person

-Have Sunday dinners once a month with my parents, my siblings and their future families 
when we are older. Always remain close.

And so many more things...

in addition to/combined with/similar to this post


  1. Awww I love these! I have some of the same...I just want to explore really :D

  2. those are wonderful dreams. not silly at all.

  3. Love this. And I have similar ones too! Also, authentic Italian gelato and pizza is amazing. So much better than what we have here :)

  4. i love your dreams! deff agree about the caribbean :)


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