twenty one.

all in all, it was a very low key birthday.
 a nice, average, beautiful, warm day. 

sleeping in and waking up to a lot of nice phone calls and texts and a "sketch" birthday banner made with duct tape and love by my dad ahahahaha.
going to the bountiful temple with hope.
lunch with mom, hope, thomas, and my grandparents at my favorite restaurant, the dodo, in sugarhouse. 
you can never go wrong with patio seating and a smoked turkey sandwich, strawberry mint lemonade, and tollhouse pie with vanilla bean ice cream on your birthday.
browsing at nordstrom rack for last minute birthday presents-decided against the fossil watch and will keep looking, ended up with a simple, staple cardigan for a great deal...a girl can never have too many cardis, right? 
coming home and seeing all of the kindness on facebook. thank you for the birthday wishes!
receiving a nice gift from my neighbors and friends--sweets and a cute forget me not bracelet i love.
working on research/gre studying interrupted by a bunch of good interruptions: calls from all three bishopric members, a sweet visit from my rs president and getting a knock on the door from my two little buddies and walking out and talking to their family at their car. the best was when they handed me a present and james sang in a little voice, "haaaappy birthday to you. happy birthdaaaaaay." my heart melted.
opening presents with my family. they were mad that i knew everything i was getting, except for sherlock holmes: a game of shadows and the cute hot pink braided sandals hope gave me. all of it was so generous and nice!!
spontaneously driving out to allie's house and then going on a drive to look at pretty houses in kaysville and catching up. thank you for the beautiful flowers, milanos, and sweet card! :)
my family + hope's friend singing happy birthday to me and laughing as i tried to blow out the trick candles. i have been looking forward to having a piece of a DQ ice cream cake for weeks, wahoo!

janessa and i were talking about our upcoming birthdays a few weeks ago (happy birthday today, janessa!! thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me!) and she made the comment that twenty one is such a fun year and she would miss it. everyone has been telling me that twenty one is so much better and exciting. but i have been dreading turning twenty one and i have not wanted to leave twenty. in my eyes, saying i'm twenty one now sums up all of the inadequacies i have been feeling for the past few weeks and probably will keep feeling for a while. but this morning when i woke up and said my prayers and got ready to go to the temple, i felt an overwhelming peace about turning twenty one. i decided to make four commitments to myself--four things i want to do during my twenty first year. i wrote them down and took them to the temple with me. i really feel and know these four things will bless my life in the next year if i can accomplish them. as i drove home with hope, i had this song randomly start running through my mind...

"We should always know that we can do everything
Go do, you'll know how to
Just let yourself, fall into landslide"

so here's to twenty one and becoming a little better each day during this year of my life, a life that has been so richly blessed by family and friends, a beautiful place to live, education, and most importantly, my faith. thank you, thank you, thank you for this life.


  1. Happy birthday! And I love that outfit :)

  2. i agree. being 21 is such an odd thing that sums up this sudden necessity of being just a little older and feeling like you have to have accomplished so many things by now or soon. anyway. i know what you mean. so glad you had a good birthday!

  3. aw fun! Ice cream cake is my favorite too! have you tried cold stone's oooo they are so delicious!

  4. Happy Birthday! 21 isn't so bad :D I just try to enjoy each year as they come :D


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