Turning 20 in Jerusalem-Leslie

Today we are featuring my sweet friend Leslie! We go way back to seventh grade and I have loved getting to know her over the years. We have shared many laughs, worked on a lot of projects and papers, sang in a lot of choir concerts, been in dance groups together, and she even was my campaign manager when I ran for Senior Class Secretary. She is so talented and she has so many wonderful accomplishments. She is beautiful on the outside and inside!! I was able to see her and her husband two weeks ago at church and catch up. She is on her way to do many more exciting and fun things in life. 

Another fun little side note: She helped my friend Holly at a wedding dress shop last week and ultimately helped her find THE dress! I was going to go dress shopping with Holly that night, but some things came up and I wasn't able to go. But Holly called me afterward and told me all about talking to Leslie and finding out what a small world it is as well as her wonderful help and sweet personality. 

See...everyone loves Leslie and I know you will too! :)


My last birthday was definitely a favorite for me.  I was turning 20 and studying in Jerusalem.  We did so many fun things that day, like painting a mural for a handicapped school, doing some thrifting in West J,

  winning a basketball championship, and having the rare pleasure of skyping with my fiance, Jesse, who was living in Jordan at the time.  

But, one story from that day definitely stands out. A bunch of friends and I decided to go over to west Jerusalem for the day.  We got Big Apple Pizza and wanted to take a group picture out front.  Unfortunately, the man that we asked to take our picture just happened to be a Hasidic Jew (The ones with the big fur hats, long coats, long beard and ear curls). He freaked out and literally ran away from us yelling in hebrew.  A lady came up to us and explained that he considered us to be unclean and camera's take people's souls. Shwoops!


What a fun birthday and getting to celebrate your twentieth 
while studying abroad I'm sure made it a gazillion times better. 

Thank you so much for sharing, Leslie!! :)
Make sure you go visit her blog and show her some love! 

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