a Sunday to soothe my soul.

^^ Quotes from Visiting Teaching this morning ^^

Sometimes when you are sitting on your couch on a Friday night, sobbing and trying to go to sleep, you think of this quote you heard at an institute class and you feel grateful for these words. You try to keep it in your remembrance every moment of the rest of the weekend and try to let it soothe your soul. That and a good long Saturday night run and chat with your little brother can always help soothe your soul a bit. And Sundays are always good for the soul.
Please make me more fit for the kingdom.

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  1. i couldn't love that last quote any more than i do at this moment. wrench your very heart strings. heart strings are a gorgeous and beautiful thing and can be compared to the servers that power the internets or the gold that is held in fort knox (supposedly according to my husband) that represents all the dollar bills in the united states. heart strings are touchable and pliable and tangible in their own physical dimension. elusive to most of mankind.


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