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{what made me the HAPPIEST this week}

my MFEO BFF is engaged to her very best friend!!!

Two years ago, we hardly even knew each other. All I knew was that I was going to be the Treasurer for our chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma and have the opportunity to serve with Holly who was going to be the President of PSI. Little did I know that all of our presidency meetings and FB chats that started with Sleepless in Seattle and Father of the Bride quotes would turn into deep conversations while she was in Thailand which would lead to us becoming the best of friends. I can still remember when the night before school was going to start again, we were at Patti's house (our sorority advisor) and Holly walked through the door. She had just barely gotten home from Thailand that weekend and I remember hugging her and beginning to tear up. All of those conversations we had while she was gone meant SO much to me and every single conversation since then has meant so much to me, more than words can even begin to express. They always say that you love those you serve and it was such a privilege to serve and help Holly with what she needed as well as serve the girls with her and have the chance to get to know each other over a variety of situations. We planned and pulled off (sometimes just barely) multiple activities. We've cried plenty of tears and laughed hysterically until we've cried. We've talked into the wee hours of the morning about everything in life. We've had a lot of Thai food together. We've had chats at the Institute in between classes or morning chats at the library before classes. We've sat in the MUSS together and we had a fun trip to California over Spring Break in March. We have certainly been through thick and thin times. I am grateful every single day for Holly and the impact she has had in my life. I know I would not be where I am today without her support, example, testimony, compassion, and friendship. 

During Fall Break last year, she hosted a fall dinner party at her house for our friends. I came a little early to help her finish setting things up and she said she had invited some people from work. She quickly told me that they were Clark's friends from high school, Harrison and Greg, and Harrison was bringing Greg's little sister, Katelyn, who he was dating. I remember watching the three walk in and talking to them over dinner and laughing while we attempted to carve pumpkins (Scar, From The Lion King hahahaha). Then we set up Sherlock Holmes in the gazebo in Holly's backyard and began to watch it. Greg was sitting by himself across the way and I could tell by the way he kept looking over at Holly that he liked her. Within five minutes, Holly invited him to come sit by her and right then, I felt that something was going to come of this evening. I always tell Holly this story and how I knew that something was going to happen between her and Greg after this dinner party night, but I honestly did know and I was right! Two weeks later, we were walking from the parking lot to this game together and she told me all about their first kiss and first date. :)

Ever since I met him, I have always been so impressed with Greg. He takes such great care of Holly and he is SUCH a gentleman to her. He cares about others, he is kind, he has a strong love of the Gospel, and he is very genuine. Plus, he talks in accents and likes Sleepless in Seattle! ;) When I met his sweet and loving mom on Wednesday afternoon, it was absolutely clear to me for the millionth time that Greg and Holly are perfect for each other and he has such a wonderful family. Together, they are just the cutest couple you will ever meet and they simply glow when they are around each other and talk about each other. 
I couldn't have wished for anyone better to marry my best friend and I am so thrilled they will be sealed 
for time and all eternity on September 7, 2012 in the Salt Lake City Temple. 

Congratulations, Holly and Greg!
You two are definitely m.f.e.o.!!


  1. i love that you documented this for them and for you as well. i did the same with my best friend heather and am so glad that i will always & forever have that documented on my blog!

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