the past week + it's june!

this past week consisted of....

  • seeing MIB3 on memorial day + visiting graves + enjoying the amazing weather.
  • visiting teaching some really sweet and amazing sisters.
  • rolling down my windows while driving at night and letting the music flow out of my car
  • a fun activity about personal finance.
  • working extra hours.
  • an amazing institute class. never have i felt the spirit more strongly in an institute class. i feel so grateful to have this class this summer and to have this opportunity to learn.
  • enjoying an otter pop at research.
  • meeting allie at the temple on thursday afternoon.
  • an avocado obsession/craving...all. the. time. i usually eat them plain, but sometimes with a tiny bit of lime juice and salt. why did i never like avocados or guacamole until four years ago? i missed out on so much those sixteen years of my life!
  • H&T finished up another school year! congratulations!!!
  • settebello's in salt lake city with mom & picking up another chair for our living room.
  • mini golf at cherry hill + seeing snow white and the huntsman with allie on friday night. the whole night, i felt like i was back at disneyland, especially when we were waiting before the movie and the fountains at station park kept lighting up like world of color and playing my fave, michael buble. we had a lot of fun together and i think once station park is all the way finished, i will be out there a lot. the best part of snow white and the huntsman for me was chris hemsworth and charlize theron. but other than that, i think i fell asleep for about ten minutes of it and i think if you haven't seen it already, you'd probably be good to just skip it and wait for it to be on redbox. however, i had a fun night catching up with allie and being spontaneous!
  • my dear friend, kelsey, was married to the love of her life in the salt lake temple yesterday! what a beautiful (and sweltering hot) day it was! she looked absolutely stunning and they both couldn't stop smiling. i stopped on my way home from the temple to get a little chocolate shake at crown burger to cool down and the lady at the window probably thought i was crazy. i was so happy, but crying at the same time when i pulled up to get my shake and i had the air conditioning on full blast blowing my hair all over the place. kels and i have been friends since sunbeams and she was finally married to this wonderful boy i'd always heard about when we'd drive to school together on thursdays last year. so happy for them!!! the backyard wedding reception was definitely pinterest worthy and i kept raving on and on to everyone i talked to about how beautiful it was. my mom said to me, "i know, i know. it IS beautiful! you've already told me five times how beautiful you think the cake and flowers and lights, etc. are." congrats, mr & mrs facer!!!
  • going to church in my neon-y coral skirt today and dark charcoal gray shirt with white stripes. it's always fun to have a cute outfit and get ready for church. but the best part of my day? three hours of pure inspiration and revelation. it was such an amazing day, i feel so grateful, humbled, and blessed to be taught by the spirit and surrounded by amazing people. 

hope you've had a good week!! 
anything fun going on in your lives?  
any fun suggestions or things for me to do this summer?

PS: remember how it's june now? send me your birthday posts if you'd like to participate!! :)


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  1. MIB 3? worth seeing?
    what institute class are you taking & where?!
    also, writing up that birthday post is on my to-do list this week.


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