Michael + Jessi North

"I hold myself supremely blessed- blessed beyond what language can express; because I am my husband's life as fully as he is mine." -Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Mr. and Mrs. North

Watching Jessi & Michael walk out of the Salt Lake Temple just after noon on Thursday was so emotional for me. They had finally made it and this was really happening! They had made such an important step in their lives, not only from a worldly standpoint, but an eternal standpoint and I couldn't have been more proud or happy for them. The two things that made me the most emotional was when each of the bridesmaids had pictures with Jessi on the steps of the Temple and as I walked over to have my turn with her, I could see tears in her eyes. Then later, Jessi and I shared some tender spiritual thoughts in the Bride's Room at the reception center about the Sealing and what an amazing thing it was to have worked her entire life for a Temple Marriage and on a beautiful June 14th, her life dream had finally been realized. Michael & Jessi simply glowed all day and the entire day was perfect, everything from the pictures at the Temple to the ring ceremony and reception at The Garden Place. Jessi's lifelong best friend, Jenna, spoke at the ring ceremony and concluded her speech with the quote above. It was so fitting to me, for Michael and Jessi truly bless each other's lives every single day and I know they have blessed mine with their kindness, examples, and friendship and they will continue to bless the lives of those they love and all of those around them. 

Congratulations, Michael and Jessi!

I love you both so much!!

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