i have enchanted songs stuck in my head for no apparent reason.

weekend recap//good thoughts from sunday:

-A "bachelorette" party for Jessi which was just a really relaxing evening of going to dinner at The Dragon Diner and then going to Holly's house to do homemade pedicures and manicures. We all were so tired from our weeks that it wasn't in the cards to do something crazy exciting, but we had lots of fun and it was perfect to get to talk to each other for a few hours while letting our feet soak in  hot buckets of  eucalyptus/minty water. Jessi is FINALLY getting married this week!!!! :) :) :)

-Going to Zupa's in Farmington, then Dick's Sporting Goods in Layton on late Saturday afternoon with my mom and Hope to look for a wetsuit for AFY. We ended up not finding a wetsuit that fit, but getting stuff for Hope to use at AFY, Youth Conference, and Girl's Camp and then a couple things for Father's Day and my birthday in the process. It was fun to keep quoting, "I want a small men's wetsuit...please." in an Australian accent and "Tomorrow is free beef....jerky day."

-Later, I drove down to hang out with Janessa. We had Top It Frozen Yogurt and then we saw Madagascar 3. I don't think anyone fully understands how much (let alone why) I love those movies. They are so dumb, but I find them absolutely hilarious at the same time. When we sat down before the movie started, we were chatting and this boy in front of  us (who was probably eight or nine) turned around points right at me, gives me this evil glare, and shushes me for a good ten to fifteen seconds. I was mortified. Janessa was laughing hysterically. Then from that point on, I was dying of laughter. I don't know what makes those movies so funny to me, but it was SUCH a fun night!

-Sunday was great as usual, but what made it even greater? Seeing a LOT of boys home from their missions at the John Bytheway fireside last night. The fireside was incredible, what a great talk full of great reminders...but oh my goodness. I just kept looking around during the talk at everyone and wondering if it was real and possible that these guys I graduated with could be home already and look so grown up.  By the end of the summer, most all of them will be home and it seemed so surreal talking to a lot of them after the fireside. I think Dan's reaction was my favorite when he saw me. He made a sound that kind of sounded like a deeper squeal/little girl scream and gave me a big, somewhat awkward "I've just been home for two weeks" hug. After the fireside, Dan and Anthony invited me to come over to Anthony's house for ice cream which turned into raspberry cinnamon rolls (yum!!!) and Phase 10/Apples to Apples. I loved talking to those boys about their missions and catching up on life. But then my dream last night consisted of the three of us playing a never ending game which was a combination of Phase 10 and Apples to Apples where you had to get a set of three green cards that all started with the same letter, then a run of 4 in alphabetical order, and a bunch of other crazy things. Long story short, it is fun to have friends home from missions.
"When we pray unto the Father in the name of Jesus for specific personal things, we should feel in the very depths of our souls that we are willing to subject our petitions to the will of our Father in heaven."
--Marion G. Romney, Oct. 1944 in this talk

Being humble is being teachable. Humility is realizing who you really are. 

The Parable of the Marinade: You will eventually become what you surround yourself with and all of us are products of the elements to which we are exposed.

In between stimulus and response, there lies a space. 
In that space, we have the freedom to choose what our response will be.

Quoted by Elder Dean L. Larsen in this talk, “Men are mortal and beset by human frailties. They are enticed by the pressures of immediate … desire to depart from the high standards of the perfect law. When they are under the influence of an exalted occasion, they make high resolves. They firmly determine to avoid past mistakes and to do better. But gone out from under the spell of that influence and absorbed in the complicated pursuits of life, they find difficulty in holding fast to their noble purposes. … So it is essential that they come again, and frequently, under the influence which kindles anew the warmth of spirit in which good resolutions are begotten, that they may go out fortified to withstand the pressures of temptation which lure them into false ways. Happily, if they refresh themselves frequently enough under ennobling influences, the spirit of repentance will be at work with them, and they will make conquest of some temptations—rise above them—and advance thus far toward their final goal.” (In Conference Report, Oct. 1949, p. 139.)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fun week ahead of you!


  1. Catherine you bum! I totally wanted to do something after the fireside... But I didn't! I should've stuck by you missy!!

  2. Enchanted music is always stuck in my head too!!! haha love ya girl! :)

  3. oh my gosh Dr. Mcdreamy!! i totally forgot he is in that movie. that seriously made me L-O-L my husband and i have been watching Greys Anatomey for weeks now. gotta pull that movie off the shelf and dust it off and watch it again. such a catchy tune..! :)


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