i don't know if i'm really a fan of people saying "cray-cray", but that's okay.

 {favorite song of the week}

i feel like i have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off these past two weeks. work has been absolutely CRAZY (in other words, cray-cray!!!) and i've had to work extra hours so we can get all caught up. between research and volunteering at pcmc, i feel like i am in school again without getting any credit. don't get me wrong though, i love those two things. it just keeps me busy along with a bunch of extra projects and things i've been doing--institute (except i had to miss it last night, boo!), studying for the GRE, doing CDs and the reception slideshow DVD for jessi's wedding (TOMORROW! finally!! wooooo hoooo), and the list goes on. i was getting ice cream with one of my friends last week and at one point he asked me a question once...then twice...while we were driving to nielsen's and i sat there in the passenger seat in silence for about thirty seconds watching the cars rush past us on the freeway before i realized i hadn't said anything. he thought it was hilarious and i kept apologizing for my mind being SO completely somewhere else. it's probably good i wasn't driving in that moment.

so i apologize to you, blogging world and real life peeps, for seeming a little absent minded when it comes to blogging...and life in general right now.

ps: i don't want to keep nagging...but if ANY of you would like to do that birthday thing, i'd really, truly love it. so far kylee has been our only taker and we all absolutely loved hearing about her birthday extravaganza, so don't be shy! send me an email :)

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  1. i can't jump on the cray-cray bandwagon, i just can't. you volunteer at primary's!? i used to! i plan on going back once school starts back up in august. kids crew here i come. nielsen's! ohgosh i LOVE that place. bumbleberry sunday every single time.


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