A Hilarious Birthday - Janessa

Today I am featuring my friend, Janessa!!

Janessa and I are in the same major at the University of Utah and I have loved getting to know this girl while we have comisserated over tests and homework assignments and laughed until we've cried about the most pointless and usually not very funny things in our classes. She has been such a kind friend to me and you always know she truly cares. 

Plus, we practically share the same birthday...(we're a day apart) and that always solidifies friendships. That and laughing hysterically at Madagascar 3 while an angry boy shushes you. 



I am such a cheeser when it comes to birthdays. I love showering people with gifts and embarrassing them with balloons at their office or in one of their classes. After all, if you're going to get to parade around your world with balloons, it might as well be because it's your birthday right? When thinking about what birthday I wanted to write about for this wonderful 'Birthday Love' post idea, one birthday in particular came to mind. 

It was my 16th birthday and I had decided to keep it somewhat mellow. I had everyone over for pizza beforehand at a nearby pizza joint and then we all were to go to ComedySportz in Sugarhouse. Now, for anyone who isn't familiar with ComedySportz, it is a "hilarious audience interactive-comedy competition between two teams of comedians, who perform a series of scenes and songs, all based on suggestions from YOU, the audience!" according to their website. Basically, it's improv comedy played like a sport complete with sport phrases, vying for points given out by how much applause they receive, and plenty of competitive ruckus. No matter how many years pass, I don't think I'll be able to hear the phrase 'groaner foul' without smiling. The greatest thing about when I went was that some of the local comedians competing were Curt Doussett (from DCOM The Adventures of Food Boy and Saints & Soldiers,) Kirby Heybourne (from the Best Two Years,) and Trenton James (from DCOM Hatching Pete and MinuteMen) and I love that I was able to see and meet them in such a calm, friendly environment. 

 I think the main reason why it was my favorite birthday was because the people I invited to come were mostly involved in drama during the high school years so they brought me out of my shy shell and helped me have the time of my life. Well, that and their suggestions were completely hilarious but each time the teams obliged and performed the scene or song perfectly, causing the audience to almost die of laughter. I also really liked that it wasn't focused on anything but having fun. There was no drama about who did or didn't get invited because I left it open to anyone who wanted to come, which is actually how Kent's older brother got invited originally, and since the setting was so focused on improv, anything could happen and it would be great nonetheless. I often wish that they would have left that location intact because it had the perfect atmosphere for fun, but alas the only location in Utah is now Provo. I still think I'd make the drive for that degree of classic comedy. Big thanks to Catherine for letting me relive my favorite birthday! I hope many more people submit their stories. Just reading about birthdays gets me so excited for those people I know who have one coming up, including myself!


Thank you so much, Janessa!!!  
(I'm glad to now know you too once had a silver RAZR phone...)

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  1. i once had a silver razor phone too! cute post!

    xxo, Vanessa

    *ps: my first wedding planning post is officially up!

  2. did ya know I was in hatching pete and minutemen... nbd. just a famous movie star you're dealing with right here... hahaha
    #youregettingmarried? #missyou


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