brownie points in heaven.

some aspects of my job require answering what i will call on here "customer service" types of emails. this morning when i turned on my computer and started to get ready for a day's work, i noticed a reply from  our "customers" that i had answered a question for last friday and i opened it up. it was simply worded and very gracious, but something stuck with me. the woman said in the email, "you are certainly earning your brownie points in heaven!" and though i have no clue where this dear woman lives or what her situation is in life, she was kind enough to write that response to me. it meant so much to me that i started to cry.

i have been feeling especially discouraged and down on myself over the past few weeks mainly because of a few different things going on in my life right now. i feel so unworthy, so inadequate, so worthless. i know it's the adversary working on me extra hard and i don't feel that way all the time, but it's scary how hard it is to banish those thoughts out of your mind sometimes. this email grounded me and took me out of that mentality today and it reminded me that every little action and decision we make earns us "brownie points in heaven". though it may seem like you will never see the reward of all of your efforts, we sometimes have to step back and look at the greater perspective. each day counts. every kindness is appreciated, whether voiced or not. every effort is noticed. every righteous action is recognized. and in the end, it's really about how you have served others and how you have built the kingdom.

every morning last week, i woke up to the song "something's coming"--not on purpose...the iPod was always on shuffle and somehow that kept happening. i'm not sure what it is, but it feels like there's a transition coming into my life soon and i need to remember that every single day and every action gets me closer and helps me draw closer to the Lord to help me to figure out the next steps i will be taking in life--hopefully acceptance next spring into graduate school and maybe even having to move out of state? maybe a relationship? maybe after a while marriage? maybe. maybe. maybe. who knows, but i do know i'm going to try to be better each day.

and sometimes, it just really helps to listen to this song and tear up a little bit.
the sun will rise.


  1. Catherine... Don't get discouraged... You don't know how much I appreciate you and everything you do and have done for me. My favorite quote and I think you'll appreciate it is this: "All great changes are preceded by chaos." Just remember that you have to get to the lowest point and than God will work a miracle and help you realize what you need to do. He loves you and so do I!!

  2. this was such a wonderful post catherine. this is why i love your blog so much, you are so real and so open. nobody is perfect and nobody is happy all the time. thank you for showing me that and reminding me that with each new day comes new opportunities to try harder and become better. this is a crazy hard age we're at with school, relationships, confidence, and the unknown future, but we're lucky enough to have the fullness of the gospel to help us through it. i can't imagine going through this stage of life without it. thanks for always being so inspiring and encouraging. i need to take more action in my daily life and this was just the thing i needed to hear.

  3. i love that quote- thank you so much for sharing!


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