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once upon a time, i stumbled onto kylee's adorable blog and we have been blog friends ever since. she is so kind, genuine, and hilarious. i have loved getting to know her and come to find out, we both go to the university of utah, have a lot of mutual friends, and have even been in institute sororities (different ones, but we could have seen each other or done things together) at the same time! how have we never met in real life?! i don't know, but i feel like that needs to change. 
i am so excited to feature her here today as our first birthday post!


call me the birthday queen because i love birthdays. all birthdays, not just my birthday. i love the idea of spending an entire day (or week if you're a member of my family) celebrating the birthday kid. when catherine said she was looking for bloggers to post about their favorite birthday i knew i had to participate. besides, what sort of birthday queen would i be if i didn't? and so began the plunge into my awful memory in search for the best birthday in all my twenty-two years. i could talk about the time i had a sleepover and we karaoked in the living room. there was the year my friends kidnapped me in the wee hours of the morning for breakfast before school. i considered writing about the year my friends sent me a video of a birthday rap created just for me. i even thought about the year my best friend threw me a party because she knew my mom was out of town. but then i remembered the year i turned nineteen in a city that never sleeps.

i was in las vegas for spring break with four of my friends. i love my family greatly, and birthdays are always best spent with them, but overtime i have realized that this birthday adventure of 2009 can be described as one of the greatest birthdays ever. we had plenty of warm weather and sunshine, i got to eat steak for dinner, it was spring break, and we went on a free helicopter ride. being the birthday girl had its perks and i was deemed co-pilot for the night. as amazing as it was to be in the sky looking down at the lights, that free ride was not what made my nineteenth birthday so special. it was the people i was with. we were four best friends making memories that last far longer than any helicopter ride. birthday treats, gifts, and meals are great but my ever so wise twenty-two self has learned that what really matters is not how you spend your birthday, but rather who you spend it with. in 2009 i spent my birthday with four of my best friends.


thank you so much, kylee!!

make sure you visit her at little girl in a big world!

remember all of you can participate and send me your birthday posts at:



  1. i love kyleeeeeeeee!!! she is the birthday queen, and i am so glad she's enjoyed so many awesome birthdays herself. birthdays are just the best ever.

  2. and i have to mention that i am entirely jealous that she had a free helicopter ride above vegas. whaaat???

  3. thanks for letting me participate catherine! also, that whole be friends in real life idea is one i think should become reality.

  4. WOOP KyLEE! She really is the birthday queen. Atta girl.

  5. coming over from kylee's blog. she is as adorable in real life as she is on her blog...such a sweet girl!


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