a zac efron kind of mood

Last night, Holly and I met up to see "The Lucky One" for a post-finals celebration.
We got ourselves a treat before walking over to the movie theater and soaked up some of  last of the day's sunshine. We enjoyed the movie and then talked for a long time. I love nights like that--when we talk about life after seeing movies, it's kind of become a tradition-- and driving home in a light drizzle makes them even better.

I have jumped on the Zac Efron bandwagon after both of our high school careers were over and I have to admit that I have watched all three High School Musicals (totally random and unrelated, but another good DCOM is Geek Charming...it's on Netflix...watch it and love it!), Hairspray, 17 Again, Me and Orson Welles (don't bother with this one...I turned it off), and Charlie St. Cloud (I REALLY love this one) over the past two months. Oops. I really enjoyed The Lucky One as well...it was one of those movies where I felt like there were no loose ends and it was one of those movies where I felt happy with the ending* (unlike other Nicholas Sparks movies--Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, and The Last Song...mainly I was just mad about Miley and Liam the entire time). The location was gorgeous and the house was so picturesque in it. I kept thinking the whole time, "I want to live in a beautiful house in a beautiful place like that someday." Sighhh.

I would have to say Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One are my absolute favorites out of his movies, but I really wouldn't mind Troy Bolton singing "Start of Something New" to me on New Years Eve (another one of his movies...that I thought he was pretty good in, minus the whole kissing Michelle Pfeiffer thing).

Loving the soundtrack, especially this song.

**Spoiler Alert!!** The only thing I wished was I wish there would have been some wedding rings at the end.


  1. totally agree about this movie. i wanted to live there too!
    and the image of that gorgeous man in his black boxer briefs are ingrained in my mind (happily) forever.

  2. hairspray is a fav. zac is a total babe in that movie and so is james marsden. 17 again is hands down one of the best movies. that scene where zac pulls up in his new car and gets out with his leather jacket. hellooooooo my heart melts.

  3. I almost went to the theatre to see this by myself last weekend! I'm usually not into movies like this, but I saw the preview while at the theatre for Titanic in 3D and Zac sure is pretty... Haha


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