you guys, there's gangsters outside of cold stone. i'm serious.

{things that made me happy this week}

these sea mist bermuda shorts from j.crew factory. i love them and i have so many cute summer outfits planned using them.:)

institute on tuesday nights. sister sheri dew taught this week about this talk and i absolutely loved it.

a keva kahuna from keva juice. seriously nothing beats that place. if i ever move out of state, i don't know what i'll do without keva juice.

receiving that scholarship letter in the mail on monday. seriously, i was so shocked by this and didn't expect it at all, especially since it was for all of the kids of the employees at my dad's company (which is a national company) and there were a LOT of applicants. so i feel VERY VERY extremely humbled and grateful!! thank you again for the kind comments :)

days when my hair cooperates. it is getting to be really long and kind of a hassle at times. so it's nice when i can get it looking great under twenty minutes.

hope won a lot of awards at the 9th grade night of excellence and thomas won a bunch of awards at the basketball camp he did this week. i couldn't be a more proud of them and i love being the oldest, getting to watch them grow up and do so many amazing things. even though it's sometimes sad watching them get older, we've become a lot closer and the age gap doesn't seem as big anymore.

on wednesday, i was walking out of research and there's a grassy area with trees between our building and the social work building...that whole area looked so beautiful and it smelled wonderful outside that day. i love little moments like those. i have loved the weather this week, even this rainy weather rolling through today!

listening to the lion king soundtrack at work yesterday. don't ask me why, but i decided that's what i wanted to listen to for the last hour i worked yesterday and it really made me want to revisit disneyland.

a little chips+salsa snack while watching fresh prince of bel air after work.

plans to go to the temple today after research.

taking some pictures with the lovely jalene last night! i absolutely loved talking to her and catching up with her. remember these pictures from last year and how fabulous she is? go check her photography site out here, you won't regret it!

going on a drive with hope and thomas last night all around bountiful and singing along to the radio as loud as we could. highlights: going to nielsen's frozen custard and ordering, then realizing they don't take credit cards, then scrambling to find as much change and cash as we could in my car, realizing we were seventy five cents short of how much it was going to cost. dang. so then we drove over to cold stone and as we were pulling in, thomas goes, "you guys, there's gangsters outside of cold stone. i'm serious." and hope goes, "those are a bunch of old guys with mustaches wearing scout shirts." aaaaaaand hope was right. we couldn't stop laughing at thomas for a while. then while we were standing in line, thomas kept saying, "move up. keep moving catherine." it was packed in there and i had moved up as much as i could, but i always like to be pretty aware of people's personal space especially in crowded places. so when he kept telling me to move up, before i could even think about what i was saying, i blurted out louder than i wanted to, "respect, thomas. respect." which then led to him laughing really loud and me whisper singing "respect" by aretha franklin to him. i think everyone in there thought we were weird between that and laughing about "you guys. there's gangsters outside of cold stone. i'm serious.". bahahaha gotta love those moments in life.

what made you happy this week?

have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I seriously love every part of this. You are so delightful! Aaaaand. I work at SubZero. Sometimes we really do have gangsters outside. One encounter ended in a police chase. I'm not even KIDDING.

    Anyway! Today I went to the temple and the rain was crazy, but lovely in the mountains. We also tried Blue Plate Diner. It was a good choice. It made me happy. :) Then I read your blog. It made me happier.

  2. congratulations on your scholarship!

    I did absolutely nothing this weekend...and after a super booked week that made me ridiculously happy!


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