this weekend + the things of summer

this weekend :
wedding reception + zupa's with carly & her mom on friday night = so fun
meeting a handsome boy= my head spinning + my heart leaping inside my chest
avengers=INCREDIBLE (!!!!)
cinco de mayo= a day where it's acceptable for me to eat chips and salsa for breakfast (every other saturday of the year, i hear someone in my family say, "catherine...that's not a breakfast food.")
church + ces fireside = exactly what i needed
jazz game tomorrow=really excited! ( & praying the jazz will win this one, so they don't get swept!)

these are the things of summer that i love {via pinterest} :

{outdoor dinners//romantic date night}

{clear water + beautiful boat }


{outdoor movies//watch this video}

{jump in!}

{bike rides & bouquets}

{nights of spontaneity}

{swimming in the rain}




  1. i love boys :)

    and swings.
    i totally reverted to my childhood self yesterday; i bought a jump rope and a hula hoop

  2. oh gosh, that image of the clear water and boat is absolutely gorgeous! love the look!
    and you can never go wrong with "the notebook"! ;)
    xo TJ


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