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{things that made me happy this week}

1. i don't mean to bring it up AGAIN, but i'm now onto my last year of my undergrad (technically i've been a senior credit-wise for the past three semesters, so i have just said i'm in my third year of college)
2. bountiful temple
3. these photobooth finds from this semester. why do i get so much enjoyment out of photobooth and eating (mainly DQ frozen hot chocolate) while studying? we'll never know. and the curlers? just the classiest thing you'll ever see.
4. ellen's dance dare videos. just spend the next half hour on youtube watching them. they kill me. i don't know if i could do it without laughing the whole time though.
5. also, dance walking!!! back in february, i was walking back to my car after finishing a test and i started dance walking when i thought no one was around (not super crazy or anything) and then this kid came out of the middle of nowhere and told me i had made his day. it's fine. i felt really embarrassed at the time. now that this is a "movement", i guess i can feel okay about myself.
5. picking up dad from the airport on wednesday. thomas and wilson came with me and wilson FLIPPED out when he saw dad. then we had to stop by my dad's work so he could drop off an ultrasound machine and a few other things and while we waited in the parking lot, thomas and i messed up wilson's beard so he looked like falkor the flying carpet dragon thing from never-ending story. it was awesome.
6. my flowy melon polka dot skirt from j.crew. i bought it on sale for a really good deal and it's probably one of the brightest pieces in my wardrobe now, but i just love it.
7. making jessi's bridal shower invites. they're simple, but hopefully they're cute and it's been fun to put this all together...can't wait for the actual shower next weekend!
8. coconut shrimp tacos from cafe rio. mmmmm.
9. thomas and i love to come up with our own commentating during the NBA games, but we stay true to the matt harpring and craig bolerjack style. let's just say that on tuesday night while watching a game, our comments were getting out of control and i was laughing so hard i was crying.
10. wandering around target with hope. going to target is one of my favorite past times and hope is one of my favorite people!

what made you happy this week?

happy cinco de mayo tomorrow!!!
i think we're going to celebrate with some mexican food + seeing avengers. 
perfect, right?
have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. i had a lady come into the store i work at a few weeks ago and told me that she wanted her ashes spread in Target.
    made my year

  2. Haha! Catherine! Dance walking cracks me up!! That totally made me laugh so hard. Thanks! Ps... Why do you look so dang pretty when you study? I look awful! Love you!

  3. avengers! it's soooooo good. like best movie of the year good.


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