it came with the frame. it came wit da frame?

just some pictures of the past few weeks from my phone (mainly of finishing up the semester):

{studying--white board, notes, flashcards//PRAAT//inspirational gum "to me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle."-walt whitman //late night french dips//part of what is typically on my desk at work//my smiling car buddy with a messed up beard//playoffs//bluest of skies-no editing besides a vignette effect around the edges...isn't that amazing?} 

this summer, i will be keeping busy with working, doing more research (some with the same professor, some with another professor), observations at the clinic, volunteer work, and prepping to take the GRE in july.

sometimes at work, i have little to no interaction, which isn't good for a person like me. it's mainly because my cubicle is pretty far away from the rest of the group i work in and all i hear is white noise all day long (unless i listen to music or conference talks). i'm a pretty jumpy person in general (especially while watching movies), but i become even more jumpy whenever someone walks past my cubicle and i feel so paranoid when i'm leaving for the day. when i go down four flights of stairs and then walk out to my car, i always feel like someone's going to jump out and grab me, which is ridiculous considering where i work (aside from the hobo incident in the parking lot back in november).

well, yesterday morning, i walked over to the break room to fill up my water bottle and there was an really old senior missionary slumped over on the couch. i had a rush of adrenaline and a complete panic attack in my mind that he had died or had a stroke or something. so i quickly walked over to him and i loudly said, "excuse me, sir?"

suddenly, his eyes pop open and he grabs my arm with a death grip and yells in my face, 
"can't you see i'm trying to sleep here?!" 
and then he just fell back to sleep. 

i'm sure my face had a look of sheer terror on it. i know i gasped really loud and it took all i had in me to not jump five feet in the air. i walked back to my desk completely shaken and realized i left my water bottle in the break room, so i had to walk back in there and get it. this time, i tried to be as quiet as possible and just let the man sleep. i'd have to say that little encounter is definitely on the top ten most terrifying moments of my life.

ps: ten friendship dollars to the person who knows what movie the title of this blog post is from... :)


  1. french dip?! that is one of my faaavorite meals!

  2. good luck! the gre is like big, bad fox books. it can go to heee--. [cue music and balloons getting caught in the shop around the corner's front door. and then tom hanks being dreamy and saying, 'good thing it wasn't the fish.']

    (ygm. always applicable.)

  3. Good luck studying for the GRE! I'll be studying for it as well for my 3rd and final try! It's a tough one! Mostly because of the time restraints! :)

  4. ygm. always applicable. i need to be friends with you and emily janette in real life.

    oh man i would be horrified too. someone needs to take away his missionary license. if those existed.


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