"i'm excited for tomorrow, you want to know why?"

"i'm excited for tomorrow, you want to know why?"-thomas

"why? do you have something fun at school tomorrow?"-me

"no, because i just get better lookin' every day!"-thomas

oh little brothers.

but i wouldn't trade anything for those cheesy jokes. hope will move onto high school in the fall and thomas has survived this year as a "sevie"....how did that happen? it seems like yesterday these two were goofing off in our yukon during a day of hiking and picnicking in the uintahs. i feel so grateful i have a little brother and little sister (who are both taller than me now) to make me laugh and bring me so much joy. we have so many good times together and they make me laugh like no one else can. they are amazing and shine in so many ways. how lucky i am to be related to these talented, good looking, brilliant-beyond-brilliant kids!?
maybe one day, i can be half as wonderful as they both are!

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