"i hope she doesn't have a high squeaky voice like the mice in cinderella. i hate that."

 Another semester is done!!
Two more left...and then two more years!!

When I walked out of my last final on Monday afternoon, I started to feel a combination of...

-sad about being closer to being done with my undergrad
-really frustrated with how hard this semester was 
-happy that it was finally done

I might sound crazy and I know I still have another year before it's acceptable for me to be sad about being done with my undergraduate education, but I have to say, I love learning and I'm so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to go to college and get an education. Over the weekend when we were driving somewhere, I listened to my mom tell me some symptoms that my grandpa's neighbor had been having and I was able to say, "I think that must be a retro-cochlear problem. it sounds like he needs to be referred for an MRI and have they done an ABR for him? What about OAEs? Does he have a hard time with speech in noise?...." I went on and on. I also think it's really interesting to listen to the quality of people's voices and sometimes in my mind, I find myself giving voices a Wilson Voice Profile Rating. It's amazing how much I have been learning and I can't wait to learn more in the next year, then hopefully in graduate school starting in Fall 2013!


  1. congratulations on being done with the semester! its the greatest feeling to be done with that last final :)

  2. Congrats Catherine! We need to hang out soon because I am already missing the after institute story times haha!

  3. That's so cool! You will do great things. :) Also, I made my blog private for a while, but I quite enjoy being blog buddies. If you want to shoot me an email, I'd love to add you!



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