for my birthday month

so....june is my birthday month and i'm getting pretty excited about it, because honestly...
who doesn't love their birthday month and getting to have a day devoted to themselves? 
BUT...i don't want you to feel bad about it. 
actually...i want to include all of you in the birthday love.
 i want to feature all of you readers on this here blog during june!! 

remember fourteen days of love? one of my absolute favorite things ever, because i loved having the chance to hear from you and learn all about you!

....so all you need to do is send me an email with:

1. your blog link

2. a few lines up to a paragraph about your absolute favorite birthday. what you did, why it was so great, who you spent the day with, don't spare any of the crazy details.

3. a picture (from your favorite birthday or just one of your birthdays) 

and i will let you know what day the post about your birthday will be up on the blog. 

i see no cons here, only pros: you get to share a fun memory about your birthday, get some advertisement for your blog...and it will all happen in five minutes.

 so easy peasy and fun, right?

it will only work if you guys participate and it would totally make my {birth}day if you all would participate!

email me at:


 i'm excited to feature you all here during june!!

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  1. birthdays are the best! i'm such a fan. not just my birthday, but the birthdays of others! needless to say, i'll be sending you an email one of these upcoming days!


Thanks for making my day!

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