"cast not away therefore your confidence..."-hebrews 10:35

things I loved this weekend:

-giving wilson a bath. i sounded like a crazy person trying to get our dog clean while everyone was gone on saturday morning, but i was laughing so hard the entire time. 

-planting flowers with my family and working out in the yard on saturday afternoon. 

-catching up on sleep through friday and sunday naps.

-picking out paint for my room at home depot on friday night. now i need to find the time to paint!

-after stake conference, we had delicious late lunch/early dinner made by hope and mom. thank you!

-going and seeing battleship with hope and thomas on friday night...we mainly laughed the entire time.

-all of my guy friends finally coming home from their missions (even though it doesn't seem like they've been gone for two years) and being able to talk to them about everything from awkward stories to completely switching and talking about the gospel and the atonement. i love having friendships where you can talk about all of those things and there's nothing weird about it. thanks for the chat at DQ last night, david!

-receiving an email with my pictures from jalene. i don't want to seem narcissistic by posting so many of them, but i felt so excited about how they turned out. is that field not just gorgeous?! such a gorgeous location and fun night. thank you again, jalene!!!

-watching the solar eclipse tonight...SO AWESOME! we went to a house around the corner with we set up our telescope and had a million pairs of sunglasses out. 

-stake conference. so many inspired words at the adult session last night and the session broadcasted this morning. president uchtdorf, elder holland, elder bowen, and sister burton all spoke this morning. it was all truly incredible. favorite thoughts: do a destination check--are you on the course you need to be on?, hebrews 10:35, we are so blessed to be able to pray and know that a Heavenly Father listens to us--no matter who we are, give thanks and proceed with faith, and elder holland quoting this quote from general conference: "Brethren, I invite you to consider the words spoken by the servants of God this weekend. Then get on your knees. Ask God, our Heavenly Father, to enlighten your mind and touch your heart. Plead with God for guidance in your daily lives, in your Church responsibilities, and in your specific challenges at this time. Follow the promptings of the Spirit—do not delay. If you do all this, I promise that the Lord will not leave you to walk alone." President Uchtdorf

{all photos: j.taylor photography}


  1. And don't forget about the couples we say awkwardly kissing at dq haha

  2. having all your guy friends home from missions is theeeee best! it is so exciting to see them all. i got to be honest though, i miss writing them. a destination check, i love that. can i just thank you for always sharing spiritual thoughts on your blog. it's such a rare thing to find in blogland, a rare and beautiful thing so thank you for sharing so many thoughts. i like when president uchtdorf says "plead with god." the concept of pleading is so much more vulnerable and heartfelt than the concept of simply asking.


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