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Being on the twelfth floor of Azkaban and sitting in a sound booth for two hours is a sure fire way to lose all of your energy for the rest of your classes for the day. It was sweltering hot up there!! I may or may not have had to buy a strawberry guava fuze and not one, but two packages of Peanut Butter M&Ms to try to get some kind of sugar rush to keep me going and even then I was giving death glares at everyone in speech science who were going off on random tangents. I apologize for that.

Then after classes last night, Rosie, Sarah & I met up and went to Cheesecake Factory at City Creek. The wait was ridiculously long, so we walked around for a while and went in a few stores, but when the buzzer finally lit up for us to go to our table, it was definitely worth the wait. I really enjoyed catching up on life with these girls. Crab & Artichoke Dip, Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp, and of course, some cheesecake...Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge blah blah blah something. All that matters is that it was all very delicious. I was glad to accompany Rosie on her first Cheesecake Factory experience. She thought that it was like the M&M Factory with a tour and cheesecake samples at the end. Classic. Our waiter, Kurt, was really angry at the beginning of dinner, but by the end, he was trying to be all chummy with us...he would get these really crazy eyes going on while he talked with his hands and laughed like a little girl. Yeah, we didn't really know what to think of him either. When we were dropping Sarah off at her apartment, Rosie yells out, "THANKS FOR SHOWING UP!" This will be my new way of saying goodbye to everyone. There's something really beautiful about springtime rain and driving home at night. Last night was no exception and with a good playlist going, it makes it that much better.

In other news, I would never wish for any of you to have a charlie horse in your right foot while driving on the freeway with heels on. It could go without saying that this was a very painful experience. I now keep a travel baby toothbrush and kids toothpaste with me in my purse or backpack. I really salute Hope & Thomas for surviving junior high every day. When I hear their stories, it makes me think that I would never ever return to those days. It's really a wonder how we all make it through that stage in life. My dad gets home from South Korea tomorrow, yayayay!!


  1. i am the queen of death glares when people go off on tangents.
    it is SO annoying usually

  2. Mmmm Cheesecake Factory. One thing I miss since moving to the city...

    Great blog!

  3. cheesecake factory is one of my favorites. i always consider going for my birthday dinner every year, but then i end up choosing my forever favorite mexican place. junior high was the worst. enough said.


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