remember that time...{friends}

the time kelsey ripped the bow off of my new easter dress in primary. we were seven and i came home and cried about it for a long time.

the time[s] i would go over to kate's house to jump on the tramp, watch movies, or make up our own versions of music videos to the hottest music at the time (long live n*sync, backstreet boys, and britney spears).

the times we played "wedding" when we were little and i always had to be the bride so i could wear my blue nightgown or my pink nightgown with roses.

the times amy would always remind me that she was older than me and claimed that when she was a baby, "mother nature came to [her] in a vision and said, 'catherine is being born.'" oh the imagination and quotes of kindergarteners.

the time it was cool to make up clubs at recess in elementary school and try to get more members than the other clubs on the playground. i am proud to say i was once a member of "the pantyhose club" "the boxcar children club" "the farmers club" "the star wars club" "the kickball wall club" "the good deed gorillas club" and "the flower shop club" at different points in my elementary school days.

the times we would play "poor pioneer children" and dress up in all of cami's family's trek clothes and pretend to cry about not having enough food to eat, but then we would miraculously find oreos and milk behind rocks and bushes along the "very mountainous rocky mountain trail". maybe we thought oreos were like manna or something when we were little? it only makes sense.

the times we'd spend afternoons at farmington pool or having water fights complete with squirt guns, slip-n-slides, and crazy daisies.

the time i locked janae out of her own house and she climbed up on the roof and sat by her skylight, looking down and giving me her best evil eye. don't worry, i was kind enough to throw animal crackers on the porch for her.

the time we all had to watch oprah in 6th grade when we did homework together, because we thought it was the mature thing to do. and it was.

the time we would ride our bikes all over our neighborhood and town. mostly to subway, dairy queen, albertson's, or target.

the times we would hike up to the waterfalls in the canyons right above our neighborhood. 

the times we would go to barnes and noble for their harry potter parties and be there at midnight to get the harry potter books.

the time we would play night games on the street above mine and steal the flag could become a two hour long ordeal with strategies of how to go through all of the backyards. or sometimes we could outsmart the other side and we'd try to ride our bikes around the block to get the flag.

the time we were decorating for the homecoming dance until 3 AM and we buried dan in decorations on a cart and then rolled him in the gym to scare everyone. then we decided to get some food from wendy's around 1 AM and seven people crammed in and i was so tired that i was going 10 MPH, literally, in my old little green toyota corolla (later dubbed "the catherine shuttle" by natalie) and we couldn't stop laughing at nothing.

the times we went to logan for a leadership conference for city youth council...staying up late, playing games, and walking in the freezing cold to get aggie ice cream are all fun memories.

the times we had girls camp. so many great memories from the seven years i went with my ward.

the times we would get ready for stake dances together and listen to taylor swift while curling our hair

the time we helped at the spina bifida PCMC halloween party. that had to be one of the most fun things i have ever done. afterward, we decided it would be funny to walk through the wendy's drive-thru, but they wouldn't take our order unless we were in a car. so we obeyed and then watched bourne identity at kels' house.

the time we went to olive garden on a friday night and i screamed bloody murder while telling a story in the middle of this completely packed and busy restaurant, eliciting many glares. oops...don't mind me, i just left my pragmatics at home tonight.

the times in high school that brought us all together...football games, white washing the v, assemblies, dances, senior ditch day, seminary graduation, and especially being a part of singing at high school graduation.

the times we had christmas sleepovers in tents and christmas gift exchanges as "official adults".

the times we would throw pennies in the fountain and wish for love and happiness.

the times we would go get frosties from wendy's and drive all around. i may or may not have had one foot outside the window while driving once and garrett and tanner may or may not have been throwing kleenexes out the car windows at the same time.

the time natalie and rosie taught me the phrase: "i'll punch [insert pronoun] in the kidneys."

the time my roommates and i gave all of the people in our building and our professors nicknames (like "dimples" or "yellow shorts" or "bio honey") and harry potter names. even peeves, gilderoy lockhart, peter pettigrew, luna lovegood, and pansy parkinson were used to describe professors and people in our building. i was hermione. sarah was cho chang. cameron was ginny. i can't remember rosie's right now.

the times kelsey & i would drive to school together on thursdays and sing and dance in the car all the way to school and all the way home.

the time jessi & i went to clark and kaylee's wedding reception and talked all the way up parley's canyon (we were stuck in traffic for almost two hours) about everything in life.

the time holly & i went to ben and katelyn's wedding dinner and reception, but we had to make a target and old navy trip in between for jeans and travel size toothpaste. that whole day i was laughing to the point of tears.

the times jessi and i speak in all kinds of accents and get strange looks from people, especially last semester.

the time jessi tried to tell me how to parallel park and then ended up doing it for me after five minutes of making attempts in the parking lot by the social behavioral building while everyone was watching. i just wanted to say to all of the people giving me judgmental looks, "yes, welcome to the freak show. i can't parallel park to save my life."  we should have charged people. poor janessa just sat in the back seat not sure of what to do as i was laughing/yelling about my frustration with the whole situation.

the time holly & i went to california for spring break last month...such a fun and memorable trip!
pictures here 

these are only just a few of oh so many, but i am so blessed to have so many great friends and memories. how come i am so lucky?

let the good, good times roll!


  1. hahaa i love when mother nature visits me in visions too!

  2. LOVE! PS: I would watch Oprah when I was in 6th grade too ;)

  3. all i have to say is, HOW HAVE WE NOT MET? we've basically done all the same things in all the same places. i love centerville. you are making me feel all nostalgic for centerville.


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