remember that time...{dating}

{some of the bad}

the time i was told we were going on a "little hike and having a good dinner at the end". it turned into a no-true-trail, straight up to the top of the mountain, five or six mile hike in 100 degree weather. and as if i didn't feel sick and starving enough already, the dinner at the freezing cold top of the mountain was oscar meyer turkey shredded up into tiny pieces, tiny pieces of cheese, and tiny crackers. thank you for depleting me of all calories i have consumed in the past month, promising a good dinner, and then feeding me tiny pieces of warm, clammy turkey and cheese, but you get an A for effort. and i certainly do too for making it through that ordeal. i'll spare you all the rest of the details of that one. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does.

the time my blind date forgot my name and then called me "christine" all night even with my kind reminder that my name is catherine. close...but not really, pal.

the time my date said he was texting his mom about a family emergency, but when i peeked over to see what was really going on, he was actually texting another girl to say, "blind dates are always lame." yes, i agree, let's both go home now. but oh no, it wasn't over...

the time no one in the car would take my directions to the pie in salt lake city and this mini van of a group date drove around after a bee's game for two hours looking for it along 400 south and the surrounding streets. really...it is NOT that difficult to find the pie.
" i think i know what i'm talking about and where the pie is...it's not that hard to find, just go up..."-me
"shhhhh! you have never been there before." -my date
"yes, yes i have, it's right next to campus."-me
"no it isn't. i swear it isn't."-other girl's date who was driving
okay, i'm done playing this game and with this date.

the time we got to the pie at 12:30 a.m. and this date decided to order not one, but two pie pizzas and breadsticks for the four of us. do you even know what you are doing and how much food that is!? don't worry, the boys made sure all of the food was gone before we left...forty five minutes later. thank you for making this date seven hours longer than it should have been. i thought you were the one that said, "blind dates are always lame."

the time a guy i had gone out with came to my house to apologize to me for something he had said in front of me about a girl we knew, but brought another girl with him "for courage" and didn't actually ever say sorry. excuse me, who taught you how to apologize? the past is past and it was fine and forgiven, i just thought it was an odd way to apologize.

the time my date to winter formal said he hated his mission and would never want to ever talk about it to anyone. uhhhhh not sure what to say to that, but can this date be over now?

the time the same date told me he hated anyone who sang along with the radio...while i'm driving and singing along with the radio. uhhhhh not sure what to say to that, but can this date be over now?

the times when i hear "blind date" or "set-up" and i think "he could be a real dog." yes, you can always find a you've got mail quote for any situation. all of my blind dates haven't absolutely terrible horrific blind date experiences, but there have been some doozies and i always feel very wary of them unless i really really REALLY trust the person setting me up.

{some of the good}

the time he couldn't park his car and drove around the block for five minutes, trying to come around and attempt to park in the same place and i just stood on the curb laughing hysterically while trying to direct him. i probably couldn't have done a better job, but his facial expressions were killing me.

the time we played frisbee golf and made mini s'mores.

the time i went on a double date with tanner who was two grades younger than me (actually a little more than a year younger than me...it's REALLY not as bad as it seems) and i set up our other friend garrett with my cousin brooke. we saw despicable me in the "zoo" movie theater (by zoo, it smelt like a zoo) and i cried i was laughing so hard at the movie and the whole situation. then brooke & garrett tried to destroy my spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's while i was getting napkins and tanner did nothing about it. we were dying of laughter the entire night.

 the time we had dinner, then watched psych & ate cold clementines

the time we went to crown burger & a jazz game & spoon me frozen yogurt & rode trax & i realized he is someone you can fall for over and over.

the time we were on that same date and i told him that the russian boxer in rocky IV was andrei kirelenko's dad and he laughed hysterically at me. shoot, my family convinced me of it and i'm that gullible. and as if this wasn't enough, we both shared our most embarrassing stories and i think i'll be eternally appalled at myself over that.

the time we went to dairy queen & drove around the town talking about everything & i never felt more safe and happy than i did when i was watching him smile and talk and laugh as he drove around.

the time he drew all over the table at macaroni grille and taught me the proper way of eating spaghetti.

the time we were at a dance and he looked thoroughly embarrassed when i told someone that  "i wanna dance with somebody" was his favorite song and then he just smiled and laughed and sang along as loud as he could. 

the time we had a school dance on allie's birthday and were able to go in a hummer limo to spaghetti factory and then to the dance. i think i had the most fun on this date because i was with so many friends and we were so silly the whole time.

the time we went to a jazz game for my sorority date night and we came back to holly's house and played around the world ping pong, then there was a little guitar session. it was all very laid-back and just hilarious to be with my sorority friends and our dates.

the time we sat in the grass on a warm summer night & talked for hours.

the time we went to the outdoor movie at the park.

the times i feel no pressure on dates. i can just be myself and even if there's nothing there, it's still fun and enjoyable to get to know the other person.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you've had some pretty interesting dates. I hope the good has made up for the bad.

  2. your good seem to definitely outweigh the bad.
    i love this post :)

  3. I love this! I was reflecting on random dating memories with a co-worker last night as we closed... I have been very lucky! Definitely blessed with both horrifically hysterical and just... good, magical ones. Life is nice. :)

  4. I love this post, Catherine. Good stuff. Blind dates always provide for some of the most entertaining stories.

  5. this makes me cry. is that weird?

  6. Ha ha, oh dating! Doesn't happen a lot here. With some of your experiences I am kinda glad, while others leave me jealous :D At least you have some amazing stories...and a blog post :D

  7. a hike of death and crappy dinner? nice move kid. forgot your name? i'm one of those people who has a hard time remembering names, but forgetting the name of your date? not cool and not justifiable in any way. first of all, texting on a date? i'm sort of not down with that, but then texting something like "blind dates are always lame" ooohhh man that just makes me mad. the car full of kids who won't listen when in reality you know where you're going? stupid. that's all i can think of to say. they are all just so stupid. bahhhh it's the same kid who texted the blind dates are lame?! yuck. okay, that mission statement is the worst. even if someone did hate their mission, why on earth would you tell someone such a thing? now this comment is going to get super long if i try to tell you about my worst blind date so i'll just direct you over here to read about it if you want:

    ahhh the sorority jazz game! i was looking through my old dating posts and came across that one. i miss sorority date nights! they were the only times i ever asked boys out, besides high school dances - which i sort of don't count.

  8. oh catherine. i was hoping that the sorority date night would make the list somewhere. i loved that night. oh i miss seeing you every week!

  9. Catherine, that first one about the hike and lame dinner, I felt like I was reading my journal! I had almost that EXACT experience, except our "meal" was granola bars. There wasn't even water. Yikes. That date was horrible.
    P.S. I LOVE this post. And you!

  10. A little late, but I love this, Christine.


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