{we both look so little!}

This picture is from my sweet sixteenth--exactly a week after we picked up our sweet almost-two-month-old, black miniature schnauzer puppy.

Today is Wilson's fifth birthday and I think he was quite happy with his present from me.
I took him on a little walk around the neighborhood tonight (and it doubled as a nice study break too...between the fresh air and now a blog post haha). He seemed almost as rambunctious as he was when he was a puppy on the walk and then when we came home, he curled up next to my side while I continued studying. 

I've told him all week that he is going to finally be able to go to kindergarten. 
He seems to be pretty excited, because his tail wags madly every time I tell him that. ;) 

I'm so happy we have this cute dog. He has the best personality and he's so loving.

Hope made him some "pupcakes" like she does every year and we sang to him tonight.

He's probably the favorite child. 

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  1. i love celebrating dog birthdays! they love it!
    we used to get mine the doggie ice cream


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