Letters III

dear easter candy,
stop being so tempting.

dear delicious homemade french dips at ten o clock at night,
let's do that again.

dear spontaneous catherine,
it's always fun when you come out to play. you do fun things like agree to buy plane tickets spur of the moment or agree to go on random blind dates, despite all of your senses telling you not to do any of it. some of these decisions have been good ones indeed.

dear funny catherine,
you don't come out to people at first, but when you do, you shock us all. as someone in the major said today, "i didn't know you could be this funny!"

dear ryan,
why do you do things like this to us? we can't handle it.

dear high school lover boys,
thank you for making it impossible for me to listen to billy joel without feeling some kind of rage or tearing up. isn't it interesting how music can evoke those emotions?

dear spectrograms,
why couldn't we have been friends earlier in the semester?

dear costa vida,
you done good with your raspberry chipotle chicken. you done good.

dear institute parking lot,
thanks for the people watching and eavesdropping opportunities. i love hearing stories about everything from people getting engaged to horrific blind dates. and i love witnessing awkward hugs and girls running away from stalkers.

dear one direction,
when i say thank you for "what makes you beautiful",  i think i speak for the whole group. we can include carly rae jepsen's "call me maybe" in that collective thanks as well.

dear russ duritz, 
so...you're forty, you're not married, you don't fly jets, and you don't have a dog?! you grow up to be a loser!! [name that movie!]

dear looking glass, 
thanks for the brilliance of "brandy, you're a fine girl". it never ceases to bring a smile to my face and we enjoy car singing to it...just like we enjoy car singing to stevie wonder. 

dear hair,
thanks for your cooperation lately. 

dear drive-in movies,
you are one of my favorite parts of summer. can't wait.

dear i-phone,
i have gotten to the point where i feel like i really need you. mainly so i can have an excuse to buy a cute case, have a way to remind myself of all the important things i need to do during the week, and oh, for that one thing called instagram. i will have you one day (said creepily).

dear world,
i am the worst texter-backer. i go through spurts where i'm good at it, then i can go days and days without writing anyone back or checking my phone. maybe if i had an iphone, i would be better about it. but probably not.at least i'm not incompetent at texting like,
"yeah, we should do something and go get dinner sometime. know of any good places?"
me: "okay, i know of this thai food place that is amazing."
"uhhh that was way random..."
i still don't think there was anything out of line or random said by me in that conversation.

dear 70 degree weather,
why do you happen on the days when i am basically stuck in a classroom from 8 until 6 at night?

dear people at jazz games,
i love watching you go all wacko on the jumbo-tron, hearing your weird moo-ing sounds, and watching you maul each other over a t-shirt toss. three words for you: calm the heck down.

dear john stockton,
you are the man and always will be. thanks for being at the game last night and reminding me of the jazz' glory days.

dear greg spencer forbush, 
we met in english class our sophomore year in high school and you and all of your friends instantly had the hearts of my friends. i always saw you guys as friends and i knew i could count on you for a good laugh, great conversation about basketball (even if we didn't see eye to eye about utah and byu), and some spiritual strength. you always found a way to make a witty comment at early morning choir rehearsals or a way to teach us all about discipleship. as high school went on, you started to send everyone texts with inspirational quotes or scriptures. a lot of those quotes ended up in my notebooks or journals and i love reading them every so often. you always lived what you believed. i was so shocked and saddened by the news yesterday that you had passed away on sunday. though your life was short on this earth, i know that you are keeping up the good work on the other side and i know we will see each other again. thank you for being a great example and remember how much we all loved you and still love you.
your friend, 


  1. okay, so funny about billy joel. i know just what you're talking about. there are just those songs that make your blood boil at the memory and you should know you are not alone!!!

  2. Just found your blog. It's a lovely little space. Do you think Ryan knows how amazingly irresistible he is?!


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