it would be a shame to miss new york in the spring.

{things that made me happy this week}

1. seeing the hunger games again with allie on tuesday night. [don't worry, this is legitimately the second time i have seen it in theaters...despite all of my talk of wanting to go see it every single day. i am not crazy.]
2. the little lilac bushes just down the way from my research building slowly starting to emerge, in the middle of the city. love things like that.
3. seeing positive results with my research project! it is going really well and i'm excited to see what happens as i get even more data and do the stats.
4. tulips & daffodils & hyacinths & all pretty spring flowers
5. wearing pants similar to these almost every night this week. i bought them a couple years ago and i use them for working out, but i forgot how comfy they really are for just lounging around.
6. the infinite atonement by tad r. callister. if you haven't read it, please do. and it's perfect for this time of year with easter being this sunday. i promise it is so worth it to take the time to read even a few pages every night. i love it.
7. clam chowder from market street
8. pedicures + chinese food with allie, kacee, and janae last night. it was fun to catch up on all of our lives, laugh, and have delicious food to celebrate allie's birthday a week late. highlight of the night: kacee freaking out when they were scrubbing her feet because she is so ticklish and the lady who owns the store making some kind of weird dragon noise in imitation of kacee. and then the lady telling us she knows all of us...which she does, but then also saying to janae, "ahhh yes, i know you mother in law...what is her name? oh yes, SAUNA. yes, i know Sauna." her real name is shauna. yes, we were dying. the whole time i thought about that seinfeld episode where elaine goes to get a manicure and then the next time she takes george's dad with her. "you've got some nerve!"
9. waking up to 6 inches of snow this morning and a 45 minute commute...haha, not really. i am grateful for the moisture since we have had a really mild winter in utah, but i am also a little sad that it put such a damper on the beautiful spring weather that's been going on this week.
10. so when i was finally almost to work this morning and "signed sealed delivered i'm yours" came on, i immediately thought of this part in you've got mail. you've got mail can never fail to make anyone happy (especially on snowy days), isn't that right? :)

what made you happy this week?

have a wonderful easter weekend!


  1. okay, we are meant to be best friends if you reference you've got mail, hunger games and seinfeld. OBSESSED!
    xo TJ

  2. bahahaha seinfeld! BEST.SHOW.EVER. i love when i think of episodes due to real life situations.


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