five facts of today

fact: dreams that involve shawn spencer and burton guster making a deal with you to make them snickerdoodles and chocolate scotcheroos for payment after they screen and interview 101 (random, but that was the exact number) RMs standing outside of the place where you bank may cause you to laugh out loud in your sleep.

fact: campus looks its best and most beautiful on rainy days like today.

fact: professors need to be better at not scheduling two tests on the same day.

fact: i'm at the lib and a cute boy is sitting two tables away from me...

fact: ...but...it's going to be a me partayyy of studying more until 1 pm.

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness. you are so funny. i loved that video and song. i have never heard that before today. thanks for making me laugh so hard


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