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you know those days when you wake up and resolve to go to bed as soon as you get home that night?

 today was one of those days. except that i didn't go to bed when i got home. i have worked on homework and studied for the past five hours. to say that i'm on the cranky side of life and exhausted could be the greatest understatement of today.

 so i'll leave you with my thoughts right this minute via pinterest.

SLP, linguistics, ahoodeehooowhatever...this just explains it all, mainly the bottom most right picture...

loving these words right now...

want to be here right now...

oh and we can't forget this...

Source: gq.com.au via Catherine on Pinterest


goodnight, world. 


  1. these are perfect!
    pinterest speaks to my soul sometimes

  2. Shut up! You are not a linguistics major!! Yes. Yes. Oh, a kindred soul.

  3. Oh pinterest, I hate to say it but I most definitely am a Pinhead. There are too many inspirational ideas and pictures on Pinterest.

  4. I''m new on this..hope pinterest will continue to enlighten my worrisome days.


Thanks for making my day!

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