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 {things that made me happy this week}

1. planning bridal showers and getting excited about all of the spring and summer weddings! ALONG with a lot of missionary homecomings and farewells for my friends!! shout out to kacee!! she's reporting to the MTC on my birthday*!
2. taco soup for lunch at work.
3. finding a container of samoa cakebites from sweet tooth fairy in my work bag yesterday. hope & i went there last friday and we decided to save these heavenly treats for another time. don't worry, i didn't eat any until i came home to share them with hope.
4. one of my professors brought her cute son with her to class on monday. she made a comment about not smoking to him (we were watching videos about laryngectomies...) and then the next class on wednesday, she told us he was worried that because of that comment we thought/took it as he smoked and to tell us that he doesn't smoke. he's about 10 years old. what a gem.
5. finishing wednesday laughing with janessa in speech science of course. goodness gracious. wednesday was a crazy day with two tests and an assignment due, but finishing off the day laughing was great. this semester has been the hardest one i have ever had and speech science has certainly not been a walk in the park, but...never fail, when we're almost done with class, janessa and i get the giggles and laugh about something ridiculous while we're trying to take notes/pay attention/stay awake during this last class of the day.
6. zebra snuggie + rice bag + mango gatorade+you've got mail is a good way to attempt to help the stomach pain go away. 
7. telling lindsey and david one of my worst dating stories at institute on monday. i'm glad that my misery could make them laugh until they cried.
8. taking hope & thomas to dinner last night. highlights=crazy/hilarious waitress who spilled fish sauce all over the table + an "e-harmony date" going on at the table next to us (that's what thomas kept saying..."do you think those guys are on an e-harmony date?"). when we came home, we had to reenact the waitress...using a bowl and water while yelling in scottish accents (the accents didn't have anything to do with her). naturally, thomas & i got to a point where we were laughing so hard we couldn't speak.
9. blackberry lemonade & beautiful spring weather
10. listening to conference talks while driving to and from work and school. so many good words and lessons to continually learn.

despite being super sick with a bad flu bug and excruciating stomach pain on monday and tuesday, this week was good. i'm still not feeling 100% and finals will consume the rest of my time until the end of this month. bleh! sorry i haven't been as good at responding to emails and commenting...i'll be back to all of that after april 30th. but don't you fret, i have some great posts scheduled for you that will cause laughter and/or secondhand embarrassment.

what made you happy this week?

ps: two more things and i'm done, promise. 
-100 followers? wow. i'm completely astounded and grateful! thank you so much for following along!! 
*speaking of my birthday, i'll be 21 in two months from today...whaaat?!!!? remember this post from last year? time flies!!


  1. Sickness during finals is the worst! Glad you're feeling better! Have a lovely weekend!! :)

  2. Catherine, that really was one the best dating stories. Now think of combing that with number 8. Get the picture? Imagine what his eharmony profile would like haha

  3. i love weddings, so excited for all of them!

  4. funny that you can always tell who's on a first date haha! Glad you're feeling better!

  5. i want in on the deets of your worst dating story. i have some real gems in that department too. while i don't have the flu like you do, i do have a cold and i don't understand why our bodies have to wait until the end of the semseter to kill us with infections like this. worst timing everrr.


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