Speaking of... {pt.2}

Speaking of keeping things around, I think I'd like to keep this 70 degree weather around. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Jamba Juice +A Black&White from Sweet Tooth Fairy + Driving through the Harvard-Yale neighborhood = Perfect way to spend my quick lunch break in between institute and classes. Spring is such a beautiful time of year, especially in Salt Lake City.

Speaking of yesterday, someone thought I was engaged in my institute class. Yes, I'm taking the Preparing for An Eternal Marriage class, but no, I'm not engaged or even remotely close. I don't even wear a ring on my left hand to confuse anyone. Oh man, I was laughing all day about that one and so were my parents and siblings.  

Speaking of my siblings, they are out on Spring Break this week, which has made me really want to stay up late with them and try to avoid anything school related as much as possible . Last night, I watched a little bit of Vertigo with Thomas before I decided I needed to get to bed and I resolved that I will be doing an outdoor Alfred Hitchcock movie night this summer. It just has to be done.

Speaking of things to be done, it drives me nuts when I see things like this: Inbox (92). Am I the only one that is obsessive about making sure that I read all of my emails or even just mark them as read? Maybe it's a personal problem. However, I have to admit that currently my draft folder looks like this: Drafts (8), but that's okay, because I need somewhere to write down all of my brilliant ideas for wedding showers, birthday gifts, summer bucket lists, and future baby names...right?

Speaking of baby names, you need to check out this blog with some of the most horrendous baby names. Holly & I were dying over them last night. Taicyr? Sounds like a Dinosaur species...oh wait, that could be your future child's classmate. Oops.

Speaking of Holly, we talked on the phone last night for a long time and I wish we saw each other more often than we do, but I'm really grateful for her friendship and for the great things she is doing in her life. She is awesome. #MFEOBFF

Speaking of talking for a long time, I had a dream the other night that Stanley Tucci (no, he did not have that blue wig on, but we were sitting interview style in front of the entire Capitol) was psychoanalyzing me by using the notes I take during my classes, specifically the amount of dashes, ~ (squiggly things...whatever they are called) and ~~~~~~~~ (long squiggly things) I had put in my notes. Oh dear.

Speaking of my classes, I am grateful for the support I feel from the people in my major. It is so awesome being with great friends who inspire you and push you to do better. And they make you feel better when you don't do as well on a test or assignment as you had hoped. I do know that despite this being the hardest semester of my life so far (here's hoping that the last two semesters will be easier), I can finish knowing that I have tried my absolute best in all of my classes this semester. I was pleasantly surprised with my Medical Speech Pathology test score from last week and folks, I'm thinking I'll be able to make it to the end of this Spring Semester--three o clock on April 30th.

Speaking of... {pt. 1}


  1. my hubby and i drove through that neighborhood a few weeks ago - I WANT TO LIVE THERE SO BAD!!! dream neighborhood. sigh. also, i am obsessive about my inbox and i too have tons of drafts. so many recipes to be saved and ideas to be remembered!

  2. preparing for eternal marriage is my all time favorite institute class. and no i'm not married, and yes i've taken the class twice. i might have to take it a third time in the fall. that's how much i love it.


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