age old questions

just had to take a quick study break.

this was the conversation i heard going on upstairs:

T: "you never tell me anything anymore."
H: "well, what do you want to know?"
T:  "i don't know."
H: "well, you tell me what you know about what boys like."
T: "i don't know. what do you know about girls and what they like?"
H: "tell me what boys like!"
T: "i don't really know...why would i know?"
H: "you should know! but don't you want to know about what girls like in guys?"
T: "no."
H: "oh...okay."

ahhh those age old questions.

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  1. i love your blog. and h & t. i need to come up there more, they like me hahaha. :).


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