You asked for it.

{schmo fest at girls camp 2009.}

Oh wait...
you didn't.

This is pretty much all I have for you today and I thought you could maybe use a good laugh on your Friday morning after this longgggg week.

This week has basically killed me and I have four more just like it until the semester is over. Yaaaaaaaay.
However, a few fun things happened this week:
-Dad came home from his business trip on Wednesday night! We're so glad when Daddy comes home!
-Seeing This Means War with Linds after I was finished with my classes this week (we were the only ones besides an older couple in the theater and bonus... we had a coupon so we both got in for freeee!)
-Going to City Creek with Holly after work yesterday. It is SO pretty. Just go into Tiffany's...it has the happiest smell, it's so sparkly and modern, and it has a really pretty view of one of my favorite places in the world. I know why Audrey loved it so much now. It was fun to get a late lunch at Blue Lemon and walk around with Holl. I was able to use my church employee discount and a coupon at Deseret Book for three great books & we both got really pretty jewelry from the most overwhelming Forever 21 I have ever been in. We have this thing where we like to buy matching things...shoes, jewelry, oops. Don't judge us.

I think I might head back to City Creek today with Hope after work and/or see The Hunger Games again and/or try to find The Muppets in Redbox. I'm excited to just relax this weekend and be with family and eat good food, because it's finally General Conference!!! :) The best four days of the year are General Conference! I can't wait to listen and learn!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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