we're all just pieces in their games.

thought i'd put in my two cents about hunger games.

the verdict: LOVED IT. 

and i am trying to figure out when i can see it again...and again.

initially, i didn't like who they cast for peeta...but as the movie progressed, i fell more in love with peeta and i feel like he was the perfect choice for peeta. now, like everyone else, i can't really decide between gale and peeta.

i cried from the point when katniss ran out and yelled, "i volunteer! i volunteer as tribute!" until they got onto the train. i just couldn't handle it and i thought of how i would do the same for my sister. i cried when cinna talked to katniss before she entered the arena. i cried when rue died. i cried when peeta looked over at katniss at the end and realized it was all for the games. 

i jumped not once, not twice, but three times when the mutts came and attacked. 

i thought the capitol perspective was a nice addition to the movie. 

i loved this post that mandy wrote about it. you truly can't compare the feelings i felt when i read the book to the feelings i had when i watched the movie. 

i really can't wait to see what they do with catching fire and mockingjay.

"Take my hand and my heart races
Flames illuminate our faces"

i also loved this song on the soundtrack.

what were your thoughts?

if you haven't, go see this movie.
if you have already, come see it with me again.


  1. absolutely loved loved the movie! i thought they followed the book inanely well. peeta perfection! may the odds be in your favor!

  2. gah i want to see it so bad! I'm torn about who they cast a peeta as well. Glad he grew on you :)

  3. i hear ya! I loved that movie. I just read the book a few days ago & then went to see the movie. I had my popcorn sitting on my lap when the dog jumped out in the scene & my popcorn with FLYING! luckily it didnt hit anyone in the head but it was quite embarrassing. haha Can't wait for #2!

  4. Umm I need to go. Take me with you okay!? PS: We still need to see This Means War :) love. you.


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