so very blessed.

for the past few days, i have felt a super increase in gratitude for the people that surround me and even the strangers i have encountered in the last little while. i feel very blessed to get to live life with these people in it.

i attended cute beth's baptism with my dad on saturday afternoon. there was such a strong and sweet spirit there and i was grateful for the love i felt for beth and her family and from beth and her family. i couldn't help but feel so grateful for that i made the decision to be baptized when i turned 8 and that i have a loving family like beth's to support me and help me along the way. 

on saturday night, i was on my way home from my friend's reception when i decided to stop and get some dinner from chipotle. i waited in line and i watched an older looking man with what appeared to be his young son and his son's friend. he just seemed like a genuinely kind father. then the cute nice guy who works at chipotle looked at my card while he zipped it and said, "i really love your name, catherine." except he pronounced it cath-er-eeene, rather than catherine. i thought it was funny, but very nice of him and it made my whole night. {my family always laughs because i always have some kind of story when i come from chipotle...like the time i got a free burrito...not on a free burrito day...because the guy at the register told me that i was "too cute to pay for a burrito"...hahaha what? or the time when i went back in with thomas, because i realized they gave me too much change and then the lady at the register asked me if i worked at wal-mart....umm....?}

i taught the beehives and miamaids for my mom on sunday and i was grateful for the sweet spirit i felt from those girls--they have so much potential and they do so many good things. i loved being in my home ward and seeing everyone in my neighborhood at church. i couldn't think of better people and they all helped raise me--lucky me!!! and last night, i had a cute message from one of my old young women leaders living in iowa now and it absolutely made my night. i'm grateful for all of the leaders i have had and how they helped me learn and grow.

yesterday when i was walking into work, there was an older gentleman in front of me zipping his access card and walking through the doors. then i zipped my access card and walked through the doors. but he was waiting for me when i walked through and he said to me, "i'm so sorry i didn't hold the door open for you earlier, that was really rude of me and i apologize." i told him with a smile that it was fine and he didn't need to feel bad, but inside, i wanted to cry and thank him for his kindness.

later in the day, two girls in my ysa ward asked me where i had been on sunday and then told me that the girl teaching the relief society lesson told the class some really nice things about me. and last night, when i was reading my scriptures, i thought more about what they had told me and it suddenly hit me that it was a testimony-moment that God doesn't leave any effort unnoticed. 

these things may all seem a little random or jumbled, but they are just a few of many tender mercies and experiences i have had in the past few days. i am grateful for the people in my lives that have been placed there by a loving Heavenly Father. i know there are so many people helping mold me and motivate me to be a better person each day. so thank you, thank you, thank you for all the kindness and love you show me, for the examples you are and the great things you are doing. thank you! 


  1. You are too beautiful! This is so true. We should all remember this! Loving your blog!!

  2. aw, i can't wait to attend my future children's baptisms. the only one i have experienced thus far has been my own. which was awesome in itself ;)
    xo TJ

  3. I love attending baptisms...but my favorite is BABY BLESSINGS! I grew up in a very small branch...so then having a BYU married ward where there are constantly new babies and baby blessings feels like such a treat.


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