may the odds be ever in your favor

 [more] things that made me happy this week

1. hunger games in imax this afternoon!!!! i can hardly contain my excitement!!! you'll have to let me know what you guys think of it!! thomas saw it at 6 pm last night and he and his friend jack ranked it an 8 or 9 out of 10. i can't wait!!!

2. looking through the pictures of spring break...they all turned out to be really pretty and i'm so happy i have these memories! so, i apologize for the photo overkill on the blog this week.
there were just too many good ones to not share them...right?? :)

3. speaking of photo overkill, i had to document the beginnings of spring along with one of my favorite emerson quotes. i have been singing "it's a jolly holiday" from mary poppins all week long...mainly because it is such a springy song to me and because of the daffodils blooming in our gardens (the daffodils are smiling at the doves!). yesterday after work, i pulled on the green skinnies and a flowy floral top. after a dentist appointment, i walked wilson with hope and i was so excited to see the blossoms starting to bloom. at one point it was 75 degrees!

hello, perfect spring weather!! why don't you stick around for...oh, forever? :)

4. oh and did i say hunger games??? this conversation with janessa in class on monday is just one of many things that proves seeing this movie has been getting me through this week. we were looking at this totally convoluted diagram and janessa was coloring hers while i was trying to figure out why we couldn't just learn about the middle ear in the conventional, easy way.

Me: "I'm pretty sure we'll never see this diagram. Ever. Only in this class."
Janessa: "What? Liam Hemsworth? At the door?"
Me: "Don't even pretend to know what you are coloring right now."

no worries, we're just in love with liam/gale. i still have been debating about how i feel about many aspects of these books, especially mockingjay, and i still have mixed feelings as to what team i am on...probably team peeta book-wise, but actor-wise, i would definitely go with team gale. :)

5. letters from missionaries :)

6. march madness. it's the best EVER!! and the utah jazz win by 1 point last night against sacramento....nail biter! they are on a roll...keep it up, jazz!!

7. look at this little giveaway from Lindsey Orton Photography!! i think that entering this would make you all very happy!! :)

8. city creek center finally opened!! it is probably one of the prettiest malls you will ever see. i walked through it and around it a lot when it was under construction, but now i'll have to make it over to see the final result.

9. obsessed with this poster & this tumblr.

10. been one of my top fave songs for a few years. listening to this song among others (with my sunglasses on and the windows down) has made me smile even bigger this week.

when i look in your eyes, i tend to lose my thoughts...it's hard to stay cool, oh when you smile at me...

what made you happy this week??

have a wonderful weekend and may the odds be ever in your favor!!


  1. totally team peeta bookwise.

  2. Ahhhh, I am so beyond excited for city creek to be open. It is going to be amazing. Have a lovely weekend. Xo

  3. i am just so happy that everything is hunger games today in the blogging world. it was incredible!!!! yay!
    xo TJ

  4. oh my gosh- we basically ended our post the exact same way. how funny! great minds think alike. ;) xo


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