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{things that made me happy this week}

1. in hearing disorders, we were talking about audiograms and there is one configuration called a "cookie bite". so it was no wonder that during this talk of "cookie bite" configurations, i was instantly craving chips ahoy. later that day, i checked the vending machines to find NO chips ahoy...ugh. so i told my mom that if she was going to the store, to please get some chips ahoy and then she asked me if it was for school or something.
"uhhh no....just because they sound good." haha oops. 
but when i came home that night, chips ahoy were awaiting me. i have the best family.

2. laughing at things people do and say in my major. the guy, who had the brilliant idea shown above, came to class one day with one earplug in (it was for one of our assignments for class...but why would you only wear one and why would you try to do your "experiencing a hearing loss" assignment during lectures?). 
some more recent gems (mainly from "hipster"...for those of you who know who "hipster" is):

"i once did an audiological evaluation on william shatner...he had tinnitus." -professor
"wait a second....THE william shatner!? oh my. oh MY! he is my absolute favorite actor. WOW!!! that is amazing. ohhhh william shatner!!!"

"neurochemistry or syntax, which do you think is more exciting?" -professor
"definitely syntax. nothing is more exciting than syntax."

"he said to me, 'much obliged.' what does that even mean??"

"well, i have a 50/50 percent chance of being right...so i guess this is what the answer is." -professor
 "ohhhh great."

i also swear i can't talk anymore because of this major. 
i have more phonemic errors and paraphasias than ever now, but i absolutely love it.

3.  it's finally march, a new month with some of the absolute best things in it--march madness (!!!!!!!!!!), girl scout cookies, [hopefully] more signs of spring, a day to wear green, spring break (california, here i come!), and more tests and assignments out of the way!

4. playing just dance 3 for over an hour last night and by the end, it told me that i had danced "the equivalent of walking up all the stairs of the Eiffel Tower"! needless to say, i look like a freak walking up and down the four flights of stairs at work today, but it felt really good at the same time.

5. my friend, janessa, showed me this website before one of our classes on monday 
and i'm pretty sure i was crying because i was laughing so hard. 
a lisa frank online store with apparel.
yep, that would be real life.  
and if you spend over $50 dollars, you get 6 free pencil toppers. what a deal!!! 
i want to buy that polar fleece shown above. #90schild

6. sorry, one more thing relating to my major. at research this week, one of the moms in my classes is also working with this professor and this week, she sat in his office for two hours talking to him about nothing related to research...everything from her kids (and even her cousin's kids) to public transportation horror stories...and i sat at my desk listening to her ramble on and on to my professor. he's one of the nicest people you will ever meet, so he kept listening, but every so often i would hear him dropping hints like, "so do you have anything to tell me about your research project?" or "yeah, well.. i've been trying to finish this research grant that is actually due tomorrow and i need to keep working on it." and she just didn't pick up on any of it. when she finally left, i waited a few minutes to go in his office to ask him a question about one of the sound clips i was missing and a new set up i want to try for an experiment. i walked in and he had his head on his desk with marimba music playing super loud (hahahaha, what?) and then he looked up at me with horrified and wide eyes and said, "Well, she is kind of a nightmare!" 
it took all i had in me to not burst out laughing in that moment and to just stay on topic.

7. even though the snow has decided to come later than usual this year, i can't help but think it's so beautiful when i drive along main street in my city and i see the clouds hang low over the snow covered mountains in the morning when the sun is rising. and it's pretty funny when wilson comes in with a white beard after being outside.

8. working on my domestic skills and making dinner with my mom last night. after we finished the chicken dish she wanted, she left me two chicken breasts to experiment with and of course i pulled out a pinterest recipe to try out. this one to be exact, because i love cayenne pepper, remember? the only thing i did that was different was to drizzle just a tiny bit of honey on top and then i put it in a glass baking dish in the oven for an hour with the other chicken dish we made rather than cooking it in a skillet...which i'm sure would be good too. it turned out to be absolutely delicious and super tender, but everyone thought it was good...but then five seconds after they ate it, they all said it was too spicy. wimps
my future husband better like spicy food.

9. shea cashmere hand cream from bath and body works. 
perfect for dry winter skin and it smells like frosting. 
just trust me, you want some of this stuff.

10. my "holland and oaks"  playlist on spotify (a.k.a. hall & oates...inside joke with holly. and we are holl & cates...get it?). this song has been playing on repeat ALL week. this album is real good remakes of hall & oates songs. i remember watching them perform "i can't go for that" on ellen a couple years ago when the album came out and it really has become one of my favorites. i don't really get bored of listening to it and most of them are almost as good as the originals. :)

"now every time i hear it play, i think of you and those summer days."

what made you happy this week?

have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. what a great post. love this all. and definitely a big yay to march madness!!! :)
    xo TJ

  2. lisa frank what?!
    taking me back!

  3. i have to say...i ate some chips ahoy cookies after reading this post ;)

  4. haha, moms are the best aren't they? :)



  5. Catherine. Here I am admitting that I have been reading your blog for quite a few months. I love reading how you are doing. You are doing such great things. Keep it up! I tagged you on my blog, so check it out! peterandalicia.blogspot.com


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